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Energy Conversion

A simple way for me to think of a transducer converting energy is a human eating food and receiving energy from it. This may sound too farfetched to some, but it helps me understand how air pressure transducer manufacturers have to make air convert into a readable energy output for an air sensor. Many timesfavicon the terms transducers and sensors are used interchangeably. Although, you do need a transducer to have a sensor they are not the same, but it is usually understood if the terms are used synonymously.

Air pressure sensors have a variety of applications in a wide range of industries. The automotive, medical, HVAC and more industries all use air pressure transducers and sensors in order to accomplish day to day functions. The size often varies from product to product. However, most can fit in the palm of your hand while others can be as small as a finger nail. The essential part is the silicon chip that transmits the force being exerted. There are three basic types of air pressure sensors and those are as follows: atmospheric pressure sensor, absolute pressure sensor and differential pressure sensor. They each differ slightly by how they measure air pressure relative to ambient pressure.

I recently purchased a new car and it had a feature I have never previously had in a vehicle, this is an air pressure reader for my tires on my dashboard. I no longer have to physically check my air pressure because an air pressure transducer inside of an air pressure sensor does it for me and visually displays it at my convenience with the precise amount of air in each one of my tires. No matter what the application is transducers and sensors are vital to ours lives. Can you think of an instance where you were in a location that used an air pressure transducer?

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