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New TPMS Technology to Eliminate Tire Pressure Gauge

On the way home from an out of town social gathering with a full car of roommates and friends we stopped at a gas station to refuel and stock up on snacks. The driver and shotgun rider went into the store while the three in the backseat remained in the car. That’s when a man walked up and faviconknocked on the window to say “your tire is a little soft.” We sat there dumbstruck and just stared at the nice man.

Now this man was just being helpful but we found his suggestion a little redundant. We were parked right by the air pump and we were all clearly passengers. One would assume we were in the process of putting air in the tires. Nonetheless, more often than not I feel like when someone pumps air in the tire it’s usually only after someone points out to them that their tires are low.

Due to new TPMS technology we might not have to rely on fellow drivers notifying us when our tires are low. Tire pressure gauges might be eliminated soon. This technology will supposedly tell us when the air pressure in our tires is low. When we go to fill them up the lights will blink as the air flows into the tire. When the pressure is high enough our car will give us a little honk. It’s kind of creepy that are cars are starting to talk to us but I do like the idea of not having to do guess work.

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