Enduring the Winter with Electric Heaters

Air Heaters

With a house full of post graduate males we try anything to save some money, especially on our heating bill. This past winter, in attempt to optimize the amount of disposable income we have each month my roommates and I decided we would try our best not to heat the house. We managed to make it most of the winter with out touching the thermostat which greatly lowered the bill, butfavicon it didn’t come without a chilly price. It’s hard to wake up every morning when your room is colder than your refrigerator. I started leaving warm clothes on my bed so I can roll into them in the morning before I attempt leaving my blanket sanctuary.

We did put plastic covers over the windows to keep the heat in, but it only helps so much. I would argue I have the coldest room in the house. There is a door to the attic wherein lies the Raccoon Kingdom and a door to the outside. Both doors do not shut all the way so I had to improvise with duct taping where the cold seeped through. Two of my roommates opted out of roughing the cold and purchased electric heaters. Those heaters really did the trick. I could hear the soft hum of the space heaters, luring me to their warmth.

There was the occasional fear one roommate’s space heater would ignite a fire. He didn’t have the cleanest of rooms and he often left his heater on when he left. To be fair he was a medical student and when he was not studying, he was sleeping. To make things worse, his heater was an electric radiative space heater which supposedly has the greatest potential to burst into flames. Luckily my other roommates took note and would remember to turn it off for him. I on the other hand, was oblivious to the fire hazard. I’m considering investing in an electric heater next winter but summer is pretty much here and being to cold is far from my thoughts.