Air Heaters: A Home and Industrial Darling

Air Heaters

Few industrial products are relevant in both residential and industrial settings, for every day uses and specialized techniques. This certain style of electric heater however, straddles the divide and performs in each arena with excellence. As one would assume, the air heater comes in a variety of shapes and faviconsizes since its heating capabilities are varied enough for so many uses. In an individual’s home, an air heater can range anywhere from a portable space heater no bigger than a bread box to a large furnace kept in an attic or basement able to heat the entire home. When utilized in the industrial context, the size and shape of a space heater depends on the industry utilizing it.

When an air heater is placed in a plastics welding environment, it is being used to control the temperature in the room to a precise degree. Depending on the size of the room, the size of the air heater varies. Large industrial spaces may even require numerous air heaters working together to keep the atmosphere ideal for the melting and drying of welded plastic. Air heaters may also be used within manufacturing systems such as shrink wrapping machines. Shrink wrapping machines sometimes use air heaters to heat up the plastic that will be wrapping itself around a product, as well as heating the plastic once it is on the product so that it will fully adhere to the product. This is done for protection and is a commonly utilized packaging tool.

Regardless of what it is being used for, air heaters utilize one of two air blowing methods; gravity or forced air. Gravity air heaters attract cold air through ducts built into the lower sections of the machine, which is then heated up as it passes through the heater, rising to blow out through ducts in the top of the air heater. Forced air heaters have blowers that physically force the hot or warm air out of the heater.