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Gold Medal For Air Quality?

The Olympics are an interesting event. They only occur every two to four years, and seem to enchant all viewers from all countries for the two or so weeks that they take place. The Olympics was first started by the Ancient Greeks and were a combination of sporting events and religious activities. Only Greek males were allowed to participate and each Olympic game started with a sacrifice. Although the reasons and rules for competition are slightly different, the Olympics are now the most famed sporting competition on earth.

Because athletes are the focus of the Olympic Games, all necessary precautions are taken to ensure their safety. Increased security measures, regulation of the media and protection from harmful weather are all ways in which athlete’s safety is protected. This year, the air quality in London was a concern for the athletes as well. Air pollution can cause problems with breathing, and since athletes take in a large amount of air throughout their competitions, concern for their safety was high. London is a town that is historically known for its “smog” and the heat wave that occurred during the Olympic Games did not help with the quality of the air. According to some news reports, the pollution in London is the highest it has been in six years.

Air filtration systems manufacturers are probably gaining more attention as well as more business because they produce a product that helps limit the amount of air pollution in the air. Air filtration systems are devices that are used to remove particles, gases or chemicals from the air. They are one of the best ways to protect the health of employees in a manufacturing plant, and also protect the environment from harmful pollutants. I’m sure the use of air scrubbers increased during the times of the Olympic Games in order to protect not only the athletes but also the millions of tourists and travelers that journeyed to London to watch the competition.