IQS Featured Profile: America In Motion


America in Motion Logo

Established in 2007, America In Motion (AIM) is a successor of the first Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) companies in the world and is committed to continually improving the original technology that made the industry what it is today. From standard Unit Load AGVs, End of Line Solutions, and Fork and Conveyor Decks to Retrofits, we offer quality equipment for a variety of applications and industries. In addition to providing these top of the line products, we express a mission to share knowledge and technology, to educate and simplify, and to take care of our family.

The first part of our mission is to share knowledge and technology because we understand that it is the sharing of ideas and information that allows these to evolve and grow and become more beneficial to everyone involved. Related to this, the goal to educate and simplify is the second part of our mission statement. Our company seeks to educate the process of Automation through our website and media outlets. Our site includes a description of the four steps of this process and outlines what to expect from an interactive, close relationship with our staff along the way. America In Motion understands that good business is about more than just sales, it’s about community and creating a mutually beneficial network with the common goal of producing quality equipment.We work closely with our customers through every step of the process, “from concept to reality.” The experienced and talented engineers at our company are able to do just that each and every time, and the team takes pride in being able to do what our competition won’t touch. This willingness and eagerness to think outside the box and create customized automation equipment for unique and demanding applications is what keeps our company at the forefront of the industry, continuously improving and expanding territories. Visit the America In Motion website today.