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Conveyor Washers: The Tunnel Washer Model

There are specific types of parts washers that are distinguishable from all other models. The drum washer, which is designed to clean gallon sized drums and drums alone is one such model. The agitating parts washer, which submerges the parts in vibrating water that cleans the parts with a combination of solvents and faviconbubbles, is another example. However, there are some styles of parts cleaning systems that may be applied to a number of different models of cleaning, such as the conveyor washer. Generally it is any type of parts washer that involves a conveyor belt in its system, and therefore it has numerous models.

A very specific conveyor washer is the tunnel washer, which is in essence a giant industrial washing machine that operates differently from the smaller residential models most of us are used to. Often bought and used by hotels and hospitals and other related industries that utilize large amounts of fabric products, the tunnel washer is shaped like a giant rectangular or circular caterpillar. A conveyor belt, usually either a chain or belt style runs all the way through the system. The laundry is loaded in small sections onto the conveyor belt. As it moves through the machine, water mixed with cleaning solvent is cycled over, around and under the product being washed. The liquid moves from the end toward the beginning so that when the fabric is coming out of the system its last water cycle is the cleanest.

Fabric based products in hospitals, hotels and industrial laundries are not the only ones to utilize the tunnel washer. Other industrial settings, such as box manufacturers, metal part manufacturers and other specialized manufacturing companies may also use the tunnel washer rather then another model. However, their popularity with industries that need to clean mass amounts of fabric products such as towels, pillows and tablecloths still dominates the tunnel washer market.

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