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Vertical Agitating Parts Washers: Gravity Works

Keeping your parts clean is a crucial element of keeping your machines in proper working order. You can clean the parts yourself; soap, water, and a little elbow grease is a great way to do it. But sometimes manual labor just is not enough to get into the tiny crevices machine parts often have. It is for this reason that many people prefer to use a parts washer to keep their tools and metal bits clean. Parts washers can clean more parts at a faster rate of speed than a person can, and they can oftenfavicon clean in places a person could not reach.

Parts washers themselves come in many varieties, but a very effective way to get the parts you need cleaned properly washed, agitating parts washers have the toothbrush method beat hands down. The great thing about agitating parts washers is that because they keep the parts in motion during the cleaning process, every bit of the part is thoroughly cleaned repeatedly. An interesting variation of the agitating parts washer is the vertical agitation immersion parts washer. These top loading washers use gravity as a means to help speed the process along, as the movement of the parts inside the machine work against the force and generate more energy. This energy generation builds, resulting in cleaner parts because the agitation is increased.

The parts are agitated in a liquid, usually water, and a cleaning solution. The faster the solution agitates, the better the parts are cleaned. If you imagine the process of cleaning a screw that has been caked with mud, running under water alone will not always do the trick. If you add some soap and jar the screw while it’s under the water the mud will come off much easier. The agitating parts washer works much the same way, but it has the advantage of increasing the agitation so it gets the dirt, oil, or other debris off much faster and more efficiently.

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