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Parts Washers and the Environment

Environmental safety has been a focus of the industrial sector for many years now. Many companies are developing new technologies to make production more efficient and less environmentally toxic. And while some of these measures to keep the planet cleaner involve inventing never before imagined uses of fuels or other natural resources, some in the industrial arena have turned to water tofavicon clean things up.

Of course “industry” is a huge, umbrella term, so let’s look at an example: parts washers. The development of the parts washer is of course in itself a kind of step in the environmentally friendly direction. Parts washers are designed to effectively clean any number of a variety of sizes of parts. Parts washers can also clean parts with more efficiency than a human being could, since a human can’t clean as many parts in the same time a parts washer can. Moreover, one person cleaning multiple parts would arguably use more water to do so than a machine designed only to use a certain amount of water. Using less water to clean parts was an early virtue of the parts washer.

But over time improvements needed to be made; industrial responsibility was no longer about just saving water it was also about looking at the types of cleaners washers used. Agitating parts washers employ a kind of cleaning agent in addition to water in order to get dirt and grime off the parts they wash. People began to realize, though, that the chemicals they were putting into their agitating parts washer may not have been as safe as they once thought. So when they would drain the parts washer all of the potentially toxic chemicals would go down the drain and into the sewer, too. Today, many agitating parts washers still need a cleaning agent in the water in order to clean properly, but now industry leaders look to using water-based cleaning agents to use as their additives. This not only keeps people away from potential exposure to toxins, it also protects the planet.

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