Sick Of Roof Construction

I recently had to spend a couple of days at home after being diagnosed with a bad case of strep throat. I camped out on the couch with a pillow and blanket, watched a few hundred hours of cable TV shows and pigged out on yogurt and ice cream, these being the only things my tender throat would allow me to eat.

As everyone knows, one of the most important things that you do when you are sick is to get lots and lots of rest in order to feel better. It is one of the few times where it is not frowned upon to sleep more than 10 hours a day. Much to my dismay, right as I was laying down for a nap in my bedroom I heard the awful and horrific sounds of roof construction on my building. I looked out my window and low and behold there was a worker standing right outside on a platform. The worker was standing on a tall aerial lift, powered by hydraulics, which allowed him to travel up directly in front of my window and start making distracting loud noises. These aerial lifts are also used in other industries where reaching high is a priority, such as window washing and telephone line repairmen.

Their work continued for many hours, making it impossible for me to sleep. I know that I should be happy that there are machines like this that allow these men to do their jobs efficiently, safely and quickly, but at that moment I wished that nothing of that nature had ever existed. Luckily for me, the construction was done in the later part of the afternoon, so I eventually did get my nap (or two) in.