High Travel Lifts Give Access to High Places

I once lived in a rental house that had very impractical cabinets. The cabinets had three shelves, two of which were out of my reach. I swear that the tallest shelf was about 9 feet above the ground (no joke). Who has the height and arm reach of 9 feet? No normal person has that kind of reach. There were 3 kitchen cabinets like this in the house. My roommate and I kept items we did not use very often on those shelves, a flower sifter, a muffin pan, the electric pancake griddle and the mixer, for example. Every so often we did need those items and it was difficult to get them, even with the assistance of a chair. Sometimes, life in that kitchen would have been a lot easier with access to a high travel material lift.

High travel lifts are hydraulic lifts that handle different types of materials, including personnel. They can be used for storage, material transfer or as a work platform. More often than not, vertical lifts such as these are permanently placed on the floor because of the stabilization issues with large structures. High travel lifts, however, can all be customizable, including the convenient feature of portability. All lifts must meet or exceed all applicable national safety code requirements including ANSI MH29. This creates better products and a safer, better, more productive work environment. This is beneficial for employers, employees and customers.

These high traveling hydraulic lifts are an ideal selection for material and personnel handling because they are economical, versatile and dependable. Typical lifts can raise loads up to 12 feet, while some special models and designs can raise load up to 20 feet.

Hydraulic material lifts are an important part of industry because they assist in maximizing space and storage all the while providing a safe way for personnel to organize, store and retrieve material at heights of more than 12 feet.