Metal Acoustic Ceiling Tiles provide a sleek finish for the Club Level of Portland’s Rose Garden Arena

When most people think of acoustical treatment, they probably think cushy or foamy, available in a variety of off-white colors. It is not always considered something that would contribute to a chic appearance. Proprietors of the sleekest, most exclusive level of the Rose Garden Arena, however, know better.

The Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon is a $267 million multi-purpose arena that opened in the fall of 1995, and serves as the home of the NBA Portland Trail Blazers. In addition to games, the Rose Garden hosts a wide variety of events such as concerts and family shows.

One unique feature of the 20,000 seat Rose Garden is the club level, which includes a sports bar, executive banquet facility, lounge with a restaurant, concession stand, grill and outdoor terraces. Acoustics are always an issue that needs considering in an environment that is filled with speech, music, and other sound. Noises can become unclear or even uncomfortable for the patrons.

Sonex Squareline Metal Ceiling Tiles were installed during the arena’s redesign last Spring. 1600 SQFT of the Squareline Medium 24-by-48-inch Metal Ceiling Tiles with a grey backer were used. Squareline Tiles let you create a ceiling in a simple design that is both attractive and acoustically efficient, scattering and absorbing sound waves.

“We wanted the club level to have the feel of intimate lounges for casual gatherings within a broad concourse,” says Michael Roberts of LRS Architects, which designed the current club level of the Rose Garden. “We upgraded the club level and wanted a ceiling application that conveyed a higher-end impression. I was familiar with Sonex Squareline Metal Ceiling Tiles from previous projects and thought it would be perfect. The color we selected is distinctive but isn’t distracting. When you’re on the club level, the finishes, furnishings and fixtures leave no doubt that you’re on a premium level of the Rose Garden.”

Squareline Metal Ceiling Tiles are available in three patterns: Squareline Standard™, Squareline Medium and Squareline Ultra™, in white, chrome or black metal panels with or without a light grey or black fleece backing to create a unique design. Tile sizes are 24 by 24 inches or 24 by 48 inches, and easily drop into other standard 15/16-inch ceiling grids. The expanded metal is made with 35 – 55% recycled content and is impervious to heat sources.

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