A Guided Tour of Wire Forms and Their Applications

From purely artistic and decorative to entirely functional, wire forms can come in a seemingly innumerable range of shapes and complexities. From simple wire “S” hooks and peg board hooks to a complete rack of wire shelving or a rotating wire retail display, manufacturers that offer wire forming services are equipped to create many essential wire products for industrial, commercial and consumer use.

Try doing a Google Images search of the phrase “wire forms” just to get an idea of how versatile wire forming can be. I took a trip around my cozy studio apartment and realized that wire formed products have been holding me up for years. The steel wire “S” hook that I mentioned earlier, which is often utilized in overhead hook conveyor systems, could be likened in appearance to something we are all quite familiar with – the metal top of a clothes hanger. Every time I pluck an outfit from my closet in the morning, it’s thanks to wire forming companies that my wardrobe is conveniently organized for efficient selection.

Then, at breakfast I notice my dish drying rack and refrigerator shelving is made out of, you guessed it, wire! Normally, I would never have even paid attention to how the things that hold up my freshly cleaned and rinsed dishes and my usually sparse selection of perishable food are constructed. But, today I look more closely and see that they are in fact formed wire that’s been coated with some sort of poly material. Most wire forming companies offer coated wire forms; customers need to specify what their wire size, shape, strength and coating needs are to determine if the company has the fabrication capabilities to create the wire product they need.

I think the best wire form in my life right now is my HD TV antenna. Being without cable, I wouldn’t have any enjoyable TV time at all, especially after the switch to all digital signals, if not for my antenna wire. Those simple wires make my few channels beautifully vivid. In what ways do wire fabrications affect your daily life?

In the industrial arena, many machines used in production could not function without wire forms such as springs, hooks, coils, pins, rings and clips. Wire baskets serve the essential function of parts receptacles for industrial & ultrasonic washing, heat treating and other processes. Wire shelving solves an array of material handling and storage issues. Grills and protective guards are just a couple more key wire products.

Wire fabricators utilize steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, nickel and other alloys, and even exotic and precious metals; these companies offer that all-important assistance with design and engineering to meet your exact needs with their expertise in operating automated wire forming and soldering machines. They can work with wire in diameters from approximately .015 to .750 inches, and offer services such as coil or spring forming, metal stamping and advanced fourslide stamping to meet even the most custom requirements.