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Voltage Options with Compressors

12 volt air compressors do exactly as their name suggests, they require 12 volts of energy to reduce the volume of air in the tank, which will in turn increase the pressure. These are a smaller model of air compressor, in most cases they weigh less than ten pounds and are built to be small and compact. To keep them light, they are built with plastic or low density metals such as aluminum or steel. To function these trusted products are composed of a motor and small air tank as well as valves and tubes.

These specific air compressor models are much smaller than some of the other industrial models. 12 volt air compressors can be charged either by being plugged into a standard 120 volt AC electrical outlet, or else through 12 volt DC batteries. Some portable models can even receive power by being plugged into cigarette lighters in vehicles. Equipped with an air hose, power cord, fittings and a gauge to monitor the pressure, it is easy to provide pressurized air to applications. Further, compressors that are equipped with rechargeable batteries are also easily portable, making them valuable in all sorts of situations.

This easy portability is one of the reasons these models are so popular. They can be used in applications and situations in which there is not an external power source available, or else in situations in which large machines would not be able to fit. This makes them the perfect solution for filing up a flat tire on the car when on a road trip, inflating basketballs while at the basketball court, pumping up inner tubes while at the lake or even for craft tools, such as an airbrush, while at the fair. They become the simple and quick solution to make the trip or activity much easier.