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Heavy Duty Riveted Bridge Deck AASHTO H20 Loading and Fatigue Testing: Long Service Life Explored

Heavy Duty Riveted Bridge Deck Grating has been field proven to provide long service life for heavily loaded bridges. Examples presented include riveted steel decks that are in almost new condition after over 15 years in service and others that are still in good condition after nearly 60 years of service with no evidence of significant damage or deterioration. This is in stark contrast to the service life exhibited by some welded type bridge decks. This paper begins to examine the fatigue resistance of heavy duty riveted style bridge decks. The results from static load and fatigue cycle testing of riveted grating under AASHTO H20 loading with a 30% impact factor are presented. The testing conducted during 2009 and 2010 at the University of Akron Civil Engineering Lab has examined the static behavior of the riveted grating and has included fatigue testing of full-scale decks to well over 1 million cycles. The extra heavy load levels and worst case load location were used to accelerate the testing, and show where cracks might originate. The results also provide insight into the best methods for attachment of the riveted grating to the support structure. Continue reading

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Emission Control Technologies for Carbon Fiber Processing

Carbon fiber and graphite reinforced polymers are materials that have, and will continue to revolutionize the products we use everyday by making them stronger, lighter and more durable. However, the manufacturing process can have serious environmental ramifications and immediate danger to human health if careful consideration is not given to emission control at the production phase of these materials. Continue reading

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The Plastic Pallet And Fire Protection

This paper attempts to identify some of the specifics of the process used to obtain approval for use of plastic pallets as equivalent to wood pallets for use in warehouse storage. This paper is written to look at the issue in general and is not intended to cover all storage situations. Your specific situation should be evaluated by a fire protection specialist. Most plastic pallets are molded out of polyolefin materials such as high density polyethylene or polypropylene. These materials are more flammable than the wood used to make pallets. Over the years the industry has argued with the fire protection establishment that plastic pallets, while they burn hotter than wood, are much more difficult to ignite. Fire protection people counter with the fact that most warehouse fires are arson and if an arsonist wants to start a fire they will do what ever they need to do to get a fire started. Continue reading

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Bellows With A Twist – Electrodeposited nickel bellows couplings flex to fit misaligned shafts yet remain torsionally stiff.

What do a micron-precision silicon wafer cutter, a surgical microscope focusing mechanism, and a target sighting system for an MIA2 Abrams tank all have in common? Each contains an electrodeposited nickel bellows coupling. Such couplings excel in instrumentation and fractional-horsepower applications but are occasionally overlooked because they tend to cost more than other types. Couplings are typically rated by their torque capacity, rotational inertia, resistance to the elements, service life, windup and backlash levels, and flexibility. By all these measures, electrodeposited bellows couplings compare favorably to competitive designs. Continue reading

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Oxidizer Energy Recovery

The mainstream media today is full of allusions to energy awareness and conservation. Just as visible these days are media references to astronomical dollar figures that can boggle the mind. This article does not seek to break out of that mold, but rather to conform to it – as Oxidizer Stack Heat Recovery offers a tremendous opportunity for both energy conservation and energy cost reduction. Consider the following: At any hour of the day there are likely to be more than 10,000 oxidizer systems in service, using a high temperature reaction chamber (with or without catalyst) to treat the exhaust gases from a wide range of industrial processes… Continue reading

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High Performance Diaphragms and Their Use in Pumping Abrasive and Dense Slurries

Metering pumps have long been known for their accuracy and reliability to provide precise dosing of liquids to a process stream. This understanding was generally limited to homogeneous fluids or liquids under 500 cps. The use of a high performance diaphragm can boost the cps capable of being pumps exceeding 7,000 cps (depending on pump size) and handle large solids content. This has significant application where heavy materials, earth materials or conveyance of other solids bearing fluids is required. This discussion consolidates the selection and application of high performance diaphragms in these specialized applications… Continue reading

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Non-Destructive Testing: What You See May Not Be What You Get

When you buy expensive metals, you might be getting something you don’t want and not know it. You could be buying defects that you would rather not have, and your supplier may not realize he sent you defective material. The only way to know for sure is to test he parts nondestructively… Continue reading

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Compressed Air Energy Savings: Thermal Mass Flowmeters Find Wasted Cash

In this era of rising energy costs and global competitiveness, compressed air waste in facilities can be a major financial drain to the bottom line. Air may be free, but compressed air certainly isn’t. According to Cary Carlisle, an expert compressed air auditor and seasoned technician from Air Compressor Supply, Inc. (ACS), over a 10-year period, electricity costs make up 76 percent of a factory’s operating costs… Continue reading

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Cost Justification and Reliability Benefits of Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners

Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners are bolt tightening devices that have been around for over a decade. Although the concept is relatively simple, these tensioners have many benefits that are not commonly known. They have proven to be economical in terms of cost and in terms of equipment reliability, which will be the focus of this paper… Continue reading

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Trends and Opportunities in the U.S. Automotive Component Markets: Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) and Aftermarket

The major emphasis of this review paper is on the trends of automotive components in the U.S. markets – OEM and aftermarket. However, since much of the business is now global, world-wide automotive component market trends are also discussed… Continue reading

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Rapid Cooling of Aluminum Nitride Heaters

Single Iteration, a division of Watlow, has conducted preliminary concept generation and evaluation for several alternative solutions for providing rapid cooling of AlN based heaters. Cost/benefit analysis of the various alternatives indicated that forced air cooling would be preferred for many applications of the latest AlN heating technology… Continue reading

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How To Properly Maintain And Service Your Oxidizer

Your air pollution control system represents a significant investment in not only initial capital but also ongoing maintenance and operation. Routine inspections performed by your staff combined with thorough maintenance plans… Continue reading

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Lubrication: The Greener The Better

Manufacturing practices are becoming increasingly more scrutinized for their effect on the environment. Real changes are underway in the area of emissions, byproducts, packaging materials, fluid selection, and power consumption – to name only a few. While environmental payback may be the goal, many of these initiatives encounter obstacles, not the least of which is additional operational costs. Not so with lubrication – the greener the better. Utilizing very small amounts of lubricant at controlled intervals is productive for a number of reasons… Continue reading

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Art or Science? Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying vs. Flexible Screw Conveying

by David Boger, Sales Manager and Allen Powell, Regional Applications Engineer Flexicon Corporation The choice between dilute phase pneumatic conveying and flexible screw conveying is not always clear Everyone has rules of thumb when it comes to c
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How to Write a Specification For and Evaluate a Design/Build Cleanroom Proposal

With the increasing emphasis on utilizing the design/build method of delivery in the construction industry, and the desire to evaluate proposals using that old adage of ‘apples to apples’, it becomes incumbent upon the owner to create a specification which will insure that contractors have the appropriate information to propose the facility accurately… Continue reading

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Foam Inserts – Cutting Your Own or Having Them Custom Made

by Steven Holand, Carry Cases Plus Owner Continue reading

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Conducting Quality Audits In Offshore Motor Component Factories

Many motor manufacturers are going offshore to purchase or manufacture motor components… Continue reading

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Sourcing in China

Considering sourcing in China? China offers raw materials, inexpensive labor and engineering skills. Then why do so many projects fail in China? Learn how to recognize the pitfalls of sourcing and then overcome them, how to organize a project, choose a manufacturer, and deliver high quality product to your loading dock on schedule… Continue reading

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Reflections on 3 years with IQS

During the past 3 years, our company has significantly shifted our allocation of advertising dollars in response to changes in the industrial marketing landscape. For many years, we had relied heavily on the prominence of the Thomas Register in both print and electronic versions, as well as our own internet site, to provide exposure to buyers of custom industrial brushes. Our target for this advertising includes engineering, purchasing, plant management, and maintenance personnel in a range of business from specialty equipment builders through commercial manufacturing and processing facilities, including industrial distributors, machine shops and service companies in between. Continue reading

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