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RDM Industrial Products: Quality Work Station Manufacturers

Since 1977, RDM Industrial Products has manufactured and supplied industrial and laboratory furniture. From the very beginning, our company’s goals have been quality, service, and timing. We are committed to delivering quality work stations and work station furniture on schedule and on budget. With over 37 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to manufacture solutions for the most challenging and unique applications. All of our manufactured products are fabricated in our Milpitas, California, facility to ensure complete quality control and to guarantee that each product perfectly suits the needs of the customer. Continue reading

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Sovella Introduces New LED Lighting Options

Sovella has always been a company that is dedicated to keeping their product lines up to date in order to meet their customers ever changing needs. Providing LED lighting is the newest way that Sovella is working to improve and expand upon their already extraordinary product line. Continue reading

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Lab Furniture in Physics Class

After spending a month in Germany with a host family through my German program the previous summer, the roles have finally changed. Vera, my exchange partner, is in America at my house getting ready for her first day at an American school. However, today is not a normal school day. It’s the Star Wars themed Physics Olympics and I am wearing a scout trooper costume I made out of poster board with the help of my dad. The purpose is to earn a few extra points and show support for Lohr2D2, Mr. Lohr’s second period physics class. The whole day would entail of running around and doing physics related activities while competing with the other classes. Lohr2D2 has two homemade storm trooper costumes; we were on our way to victory. Continue reading

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Accessorizing with Workstation Products?

How many people like to accessorize their workstation, and I’m not talking about bringing in pictures of loved ones and posting inspirational or funny quotes. I’m talking about shopping for things like office equipment, filing cabinets, ergonomic chairs and footrests, CPU holders, cable management devices, and other workstation products. Keeping your workstation up-to-date is important, and looking at all the new and different types of workstation furniture could get the interior designer going in you, wondering how you could spruce up your own office or industrial workstation. Continue reading

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Workstation Furniture for Functionality and Comfort

Workstation furniture ranges from laptop stands and PC carts to clusters of cubicles to spacious desks and sophisticated credenzas. If you’re lucky, your job may involve a desk in your own personal office. It may be in a room with other desks. Your office building may have rows of cubicles inline and facing each other, or more modernly arranged around an axis in a more pleasing curved or even abstract design. From the starkest desk and chair combination to the most ornate piece of work furniture, or fanciest office layout, the biggest concerns should be organization, productivity and ergonomics. The goal of any given work station is to create an efficient space in which a worker may easily utilize, access and organize all tools and supplies required to complete a specified task. Continue reading

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KENNESAW, GEORGIA – September, 2012. As a leading manufacturer of industrial workbenches and accessories, Sovella continually seeks to improve and perfect our wide range of products, and provide solutions that best meet the needs of our users. With those needs in mind, Sovella has introduced a new line of standard workstations to replace the previous “Basic” table product line. Continue reading

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