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Justman Brush Company – Quality Brush Manufacturing Since 1929

What started out as a one person commitment to quality, Justman Brush Company continues on today as one of the industry leaders in manufacturing of laboratory and scientific brushes. Since 1929, we have been creating and manufacturing the best brushes available today. As an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company, you can trust that Justman Brush Company adheres to industry standards and regulations. Continue reading

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Jenkins Brush Company Designing Innovative Products for Industries

For more than 135 years, Jenkins Brush Company has been designing, developing, and producing high quality brushes and brush products and continues to create highly innovative products and new ways to utilize brushes. We are a full service brush company and supply industrial brushes in all of the major brush constructions. Our brushes can be used to clean, remove, apply, and arrange, with a delicate touch or abrasive power. Jenkins Brushes have been recognized as some of the finest available in thousands of industries. Continue reading

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Industrial Brush Company: 70 Years of Quality Service

What started as a small family owned and operated business in 1946, has grown into one of the leaders in the industrial brush industry. We are proud to say that The Industrial Brush Company is still family owned in its third generation. We take a lot of pride in building off of our history and successes, in fact our beginning successes can be attributed to the fact that our founders took advantage of new ideas and mechanical technology which provided revolutionary results compared to the results of the now outdated method for manufacturing brushes. Continue reading

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Sanding and Painting Decks

Spring is finally here! Which means it is time to finish up the spring cleaning, and begin touching up the house and yard, things that those of us in Michigan are unable to do until the warmth begins to set in. For my family, this is the year the deck finally needs to be re-done. The railings need to be repainted and the flooring needs to be sanded down and refinished. This is definitely not my favorite task in the world, but it does make my dad more generous about letting me use up way to much gas driving around in the boat, so I will sacrifice a few days lending a hand. Continue reading

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Cinderella and Wire Brushes

Almost every child knows the story of Cinderella. She was a girl with a wicked step-mother and step-sisters, and she was forced to wait on them all day long. She had to make food, clean the house and do all sorts of other chores. One scene in the movie shows her scrubbing the stone floors of their home. While it was awful that Cinderella was forced to do this, stone does need to be scrubbed from time to time to keep it well finished. Wire brushes are best in these situations. These can be hand held like they were for Cinderella, but today, they can also be power brushes. Continue reading

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IQS Directory Featured Profile: Tanis Incorporated

For almost 25 years, Tanis, Inc. has been shaping brush technology through a corporate commitment to technology, discovery and investments in engineering talent. The innovative product designs developed by Tanis gives them a leading edge over the global competition and offers customers the latest in production and process solutions. Continue reading

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