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Conlet Plastics: 40 Years and Still Going Strong

If you need a custom vacuum formed plastic product; Conlet Plastics is the place to turn! With over forty years of experience they are committed to providing customers with a great experience. Conlet Plastics is located in New Milford, Connecticut but is dedicated to serving customers wherever their services are needed. With a staff lineup that includes designers, engineers and project managers it is easy to see why Conlet Plastics is many consumers first choice for any vacuum formed plastic needs. Their talented teams will work closely with you to come up with a product that will fit your requirements while providing a long lasting value. Continue reading

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How Vacuum Forming Works

Until recently, I had no experience with the vacuum forming process for plastic products. I didn’t think that a process for manufacturing plastic could be interesting, but in fact, vacuum forming companies that create plastic products are actually quite interesting and fascinating. The way that vacuum formed plastic is made is one of the more interesting manufacturing processes. Continue reading

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