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Painting and Paint Cans

Painting seems to run in my family. Not so much artistry painting, but wall painting. While I am not talented enough for great works of art, I do love to paint rooms. I get tired of the same thing, the same room year after year, and so every couple of years I like to change it up. It helps keep things interesting, and is able to give a fresh look. It is a way to pass the time on a rainy day, and can be a lot of fun. However, if you are painting frequently, especially for those in the painting business, that means a lot of empty paint cans. And these items cannot simply be thrown away. Continue reading

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Recycling Garbage and Recycling Balers

Balers can serve so many purposes. They can compress and bale tires, recycling, garbage, agricultural items and much more. In baling items, those doing so are able to reduce their carbon footprint. The mass of the item is greatly reduced, and the items become more prepared for future recycling. By reducing the mass, the transportation costs are lowered and a great deal of space can be gained in landfills. And unless we want to live on piles of garbage or reduce our entire ocean to the fate the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is currently facing… we need to make some changes. And investing in balers is a realistic step for many industries. Continue reading

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The Never Ending Battle to Start Recycling

I tend to talk about recycling A LOT. Not only in the blogs I write but to my friends, boyfriend and family as well. To me recycling and taking care of the environment is incredibly important. I may over do it, which could be why my little cousins call me “hippy”, but with my obsession with the ocean, it is hard for me not to focus on how important preserving the planet is. Yet I do understand that it can be difficult. The processes and organization of the recycling industry have improved immensely. The balers used are able to reduce the volume, making the items easier to recycle as a result. Sadly, the one thing that has not been sorted out is the monetary aspect. Recycling can be costly and many cannot afford it. Continue reading

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Consider a Used Baler

Balers are a crucial part of most industries as they manage mass amounts of waste on a daily basis. Whether that waste is being recycled or is headed to a landfill, balers make these leavings more manageable. And this manageability applies in more than one way. Compacting and baling refuse, makes it easier to transport and also makes it take up less space if it does end up in a landfill. In the last few decades the issue of waste management has become a part of daily conversation in one way or another. Across the globe, there has been an awakening to the responsibility we all have to protect and preserve our planet and its resources. Businesses and individuals alike are “going green” and striving for sustainability. Continue reading

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