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Roll Bars – Not Just a Jeep Thing

When I think of roll bars I instantly think of the go-kart the protagonist in Heavy Weights so desperately wanted to race. These kinds of karts differ from the solo karts found in race tracks and one of the best Nintendo 64 games ever, Mario Kart. Although, since the racers in Mario Kart are constantly rolling over due to banana peels and turtle shells you’d think they would consider investing in a roll cage. Anyways, the go-karts that require roll bars usually have two seats allowing the driver to terrorize a passenger by speeding through the wilderness, hopefully without flipping over and testing the tube bending quality of the roll bars. Continue reading

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Tied Flies and Old Guys

Every year at the end of April the men in my family gather together in Northern Michigan to celebrate Trout Opener. Last year the younger generation of boys was included in the family ritual. Fly fishing is a major pass time while at my grandparent’s cabin on the Little Manistee River. However, Trout Opener is not necessarily all about fly fishing. It is a chance for all the men in my family to come together, including my cousin and uncle from California. Continue reading

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Tube Rolling: From Spear to Ski Poles

In some ways, you have to admire the ancient Nordic peoples. One of them grew tired of walking around in the snow, chasing after animals. So, they modified two sticks, strapped them to their and raced down mountains after dinner, spear in hand. Before long, people started realizing how much fun it was to glide over the top of the snow and skiing was born. Later the spears were modified into ski poles to provide better stability while skiing as well as still serving the purpose as a spear. Continue reading

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