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The Exciting World of Aerospace Tube Fabrication

Tube fabrication is the process of forming tubes into various shapes and sizes for different uses in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. A huge variety of products require tubing, including ductwork, gas and liquid transportation, and many other products. Tube fabricating companies often focus their products in one specific industry. This allows the company to provide a high level of quality and insight into the specific needs of the customer and their industry. Continue reading

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Create Your Own Tubular Pipe Bells

When I was in high school I joined the school band as a member of the percussion section. I enjoyed the freedom of being in the percussion section. I could walk around in back, and play a number of different instruments as opposed to being contained to one. Most percussionists prefer playing the snare drum and a few the marimbas or xylophone. I however, favored the tubular pipe bells and tympanis. I liked the low boom and ring both instruments produced. Tubular pipe bells have been popularized from the Christmas classic, Carol of the Bells. The vertical bells are also used in the theme of The Exorcist and Futurama. The noise these bells produce sounds similar to church bells. Continue reading

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Evolution of Playgrounds and the Role of Tube Forming

When I was in elementary school I experienced the transitional period between traditional and modern playground structures. I remember playing on wooden and metal structures with a few slides and some monkey bars. However, both elementary schools I w
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NewAge Industries: Heat-Formed Tubing & Hose Eliminates Fitting Connections, Reduces Kinking & Flow Restrictions

Tubing manufacturer NewAge® Industries now offers tubing and hose that’s heat formed into specific shapes. Parts are custom designed and produced using heat and special tooling. Many applications that involve multiple sections of tubing or hose, along with fittings and clamps to make connections, can benefit from this customization. Continue reading

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