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Tube Fabrication: Camping Canopies and Graduation Parties

Tube fabrication is used to make parts for many industrial and commercial goods. Tubes and pipes can be bent, cut and shaped in a variety of ways with a handful of different techniques. Tubes can be bent at common angles between 1 to 90 degrees or more complex angles such as 180 degree bends or U-bends. Some of the products that require common bends include bridges, building facades and canopies. Continue reading

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Bandos and Mandrel Bent Tubing

In seventh grade we were given the decision to join either choir or band. Whether we pursed either of these courses in high school depended on if we enjoyed the classes or not. To decided what instrument we would play each student took the time playing each instrument and were given a grade on how well the teacher thought we performed. I ended up playing percussion because I got the highest grade on those exams. I also thought spit valves were kind of gross but I guess an instrument needs a way to release all the fluids that find their way into the tubing. Continue reading

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