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Why You Should Use Specialized Metal Service Centers

A metal service center typically buys metal from a metal foundry or other metal manufacturing plant and then re-sells it to specific industries. Usually, metal service centers shape and tool the metal into a usable form for the final customer. The reason that these service centers exist is to prevent the metal manufacturing company from having to keep all of the metal shaping and processing equipment in one location. This allows metal manufacturing plants to focus purely on metal creation, while other factories and facilities can transform the metal into usable pieces and parts for further manufacturing. Continue reading

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Block Steel Corp. – The Largest Aluminized Steel Distributor in the Nation

Block Steel Corp. has been an industry leader of steel products for over 65 years. Our company is recognized as a worldwide supplier of high quality aluminized steel products including aluminized steel tubing. We are an approved supplier for many major automotive, H.V.A.C., appliance manufactures. Block Steel Corp. has stocking locations throughout the United States which allows us to deliver your orders promptly and cost effectively. Continue reading

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Steel Service Centers Benefits to the Steel Manufacturing Industry

Do you know what steel service centers actually are? A steel service center is actually a facility that purchases raw steel materials from a steel manufacturing company and sells it to a customer. Often, steel service centers will process the steel into a usable product that the customer can use directly out of the box or that only requires a small amount of modification before the final pieces are finished. A steel service center acts as a facilitator between steel manufacturing companies and the factories and companies that actually use the steel parts to create new products. Continue reading

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The Growing Service of Steel Service Centers

In many contexts the word steel has become synonymous with strength and durability, qualities illustrated by its use in such arduous industries as automotive, aerospace, construction, electronics and even shipbuilding. While it seems clear from these many uses, many are unaware of the incredible diversity of the material. Rather than one specific iron alloy, the steel family includes hundreds of permutations of the element, each precision designed for optimal performance in variable conditions. On top of this, finishing treatments and processing are commonly used to bolster the capabilities and capacities of steel products such as steel plates, strip and tubing. As much as 30% of all industrial steel products and 45% of specialty steel undergo some type of pre-processing before moving into full scale production. Most of this work is performed by the highly skilled professionals of steel service centers across the nation. Continue reading

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