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Spiral Brushes – Manufacturing and Designing a Variety of Brushes

Since 1939 Spiral Brushes Inc. has been manufacturing machinery technology and helically wound cylinder brushes that are unmatched by competitors. From its humble beginning, Spiral Brushes has expanded to include a broad line of brushes for use with a range of industrial equipment. This includes bench grinders, angle grinders, hand-held drills, drill-presses, and CNC and various pieces of robotic equipment. At Spiral Brushes, we are dedicated to meeting our customer’s high standards and requirements for all their brush needs. Continue reading

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West Coast Brush Manufacturing: Leaders in Brush Quality and Service

Dedicated to personalized service and quality products, West Coast Brush Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of custom and standard brushes. Since 1979, our company has continued to improve and develop new brush designs and manufacturing processes to bring the very best products to our customers. A few of our exceptional brush products include spiral brushes, radial end brushes, cup brushes, and artist brushes, and we offer a multitude of customization options and welcome special requirements. Our state-of-the-art machines allow us to produce a huge variety of products and, therefore, serve a diverse range of industries. Continue reading

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Tidying Up After Pets

While I love cats, I am not the biggest fan of having to clean out their litter box every other day. The biggest problem for me is the way that my cat likes to throw half of the litter out onto the floor each and every time, requiring it to be swept daily. Luckily I have a nice little hand held sweeper brush manufacturers that is able to help me remedy this problem quickly. Pulling out a vacuum or locating a big broom would take a lot more time, but this small sweeper can be stored on the top of the litter box until it needs to be used. Continue reading

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Spiral Brushes and Vacuum Cleaners

There are many types of brushes out on the market today that are designed for specific cleaning tasks. Hand brushes for scrubbing, long handled brushes for floors and sweeping, small brushes for little objects or areas and many more. A wide range of bristles are also available for brushes including soft, hard, wire, metal are just a few. Depending on the job, the best brush to complete the task can be chosen to achieve great results. The brush I would like to focus on today is the spiral brush. This type of brush is usually longer in length and also skinny in size. Common items that this style of brush is used to clean with include floors, bottles, tubes, hoses, and any other products that have small, round and hard to get to interiors. These are available in any length and thickness, bristle type. Many are made to either be used by hand or as a part in a machine that uses the spiral brush in its application. Continue reading

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