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VL Motion Servicing Clients With Exceptional Industry Experience

In 2001 VL Motion Systems first began successfully servicing clients in all things gear motors, reducers, brakes, and all other mechanical actuation needs. We create reliable systems backed by invaluable experience and in-depth knowledge on market trends within the industry. VL Motion continues to be trusted partners for all of our clients, with unmatched solutions, unparalleled customer service, and high quality products. Continue reading

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DieQua Corporation Offers Unsurpassed Selection and Customer Service

When DieQua Corporation was established in 1980 we offered a single product line. We have now expanded our business to include an unparalleled variety of gearboxes, speed reducers, and connecting components. Our top priority is to offer premium quality products that deliver reliable performance with unique designs. We strive to always obtain the latest innovative technology in the industries we serve. We manufacture and assemble most of the products we offer, allowing flexibility for delivery as well as prototyping. Our expert team can help you find the right product for your application. Continue reading

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Screen Doors and Speed Reducers

Most houses these days are have at least one retractable screen door. More often than not these can be found in the back of the house leading to a pool, patio or yard. It is rather pleasant to leave the door open on nice days without letting a swarm of bugs into the house. This is where the retractable screen door comes into play. However there always seems to be one fly who manages to sneak through the wire mesh defenses and drive the inhabitants inside incredibly insane. Continue reading

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Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers: Smaller then a Coupling

It often happens that industrial applications can actually employee a couple different types of industrial products to get the job done well. This does not mean that both industrial products are completely alike, but both obviously have enough points in there favor to be chosen part of the time. The automotive industry in particular is constantly trying to develop new parts to contribute to new vehicle models that will then burst onto the market and make the makers lots of money. However, not all of these parts are recognized by the public. Some of them, like shaft mounted speed reducers, are newer alternatives that enable vehicles to run with a few new characteristics not notable enough to impress the general public but still impressive enough to use. Continue reading

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Speed Reducers: Building on the Gear

The gear is one of the most basic building blocks for modern day mechanisms. They have been around for thousands of years, although the wooden gears of the Greek enlightenment were nothing compared to the gears working within the speed reducers systems. Current gear development, such as speed reducers are able to be built very small while still producing large amounts of power. Speed reducers are one example of the technological advancements built from the foundation of a single gear that should make the human race very proud. Continue reading

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