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Social Media for Manufacturers

This article focuses on local search and the steps that websites need to take in order to get better rankings. Google is used over 6 billion times a month for local search and these steps are instructive for manufacturers trying to better improve t
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Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm is Here

Please let us know if we can help you with formatting your website in responsive design. We have very competitive rates. Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Stance On Mobile  by Neil Patel on April 3, 2015 at 9:37 am Regarding th
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Gambling with Your Sites…Keyword Coverage or Product Categories?

Print technology is based on product categories that users have to search to try to figure out what the publisher thinks are the most common terms to describe a specific industry. The company then has to decide how much to spend on each product category. Google-empowered Web technology, on the other hand, enables the buyer to search any term and immediately find relevant results… Continue reading

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IQS Directory Improves Functionality, Accessibility, and SEO Value

As the economy recovers and the newly restructured manufacturing world emerges, IQSDirectory recognizes the evolving needs of the industrial sector, our clients and their clients. We have recently added to and restructured our page two company results to further improve Search Engine Optimization for our clients and provide easy to use navigation for our users. These subtle changes and updates will result in improvements to user experience and overall on page optimization. Continue reading

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Long Tail Keywords Provide the Most Qualified Buyers

What drives the most traffic to your website? The answer, of course, is keywords-those terms incorporated into your site content that allow crawlers to efficiently gather data about your website, and more importantly, that are used by major search engines like Google and Yahoo when indexing and categorizing your site in its database. In short, they drive potential and interested search-engine-using customers to your website. Without them, you might never be found. Continue reading

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Harnessing Search Engine Power for Industrial Purchasing

Without a doubt, search engines are the single greatest tool the web has to offer. By entering a term and a single click, thousands, even millions of websites are at your disposal. This has revolutionized the industrial buying process. Before the birth of the glorious search engine, product purchasing of industrial supplies and services was done via print directories and catalogs. Options were limited, ordering was a hassle and the process was slow. Remember all that? Compared to the power of Google, Yahoo, Ask and the newest Bing, traditional buying processes seem like a Stone Age activity. Since almost every B2B industrial manufacturer in the world markets their products and services via a website these days, the benefits of search engine buying/specifying are incredible-buyers now have access to product information from every business that markets online without leaving their chair. Continue reading

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The Nofollow Link Debate – A Brief Synopsis for SEO

In 2005, Google introduced a ‘nofollow’ method for changing the way search engines view links leading in and out of websites. Before the ‘nofollow’ tag, all hyperlinks from your site to other sites ‘leaked’ pagerank – which is, to put it very simply, a measure of how much authority your site has. This translates directly into how often your site is found by search engines like Google, and as every SEO nerd knows, Google love = visibility, and visibility = business. Regular hyperlinks pass along the pagerank your website has built up by dividing that rank proportionally between themselves. Think of it like inviting friends over for cookies. If you have 3 friends over for cookies and you made 9 cookies, those three friends will eat three cookies each. However, if you invite 9 friends over, each will only take one cookie. But the end result is the same: they took your cookies. Continue reading

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2 Ways to Increase Site Visibility: Google, MSN & Yahoo vs. Vertical Search

It’s a very common question, becoming more common by the day as manufacturers are forced to tighten budgets and cut out marketing campaigns. Where should I concentrate on increasing online visibility – in the top 3 search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo) or on vertical search directory sites? The answer is both. Enquiro Search Solutions found that 49% of potential business buyers searching online don’t start their research at one of the three ‘search kings’. If nearly half of professional purchasers aren’t starting out looking on Google, MSN or Yahoo to find waterjet cutting services, then where are they looking? Manufacturers and retailers have little time to wade through irrelevant search results, white papers and YouTube home videos to find the industrial parts they need. That’s why web-savvy industrial product buyers come to vertical search directories like IQS to find the niche product manufacturer or service provider they’re looking for – without having to hit the back button a dozen times. Continue reading

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Page Views, Impressions, Engagement and Understanding Site Metrics for B2B Websites

What’s the difference between a hit, an impression and a unique visitor? Aside from all sounding like activities that take place at a Saturday night college party, these terms explain different ways of measuring a website’s traffic and, subsequently, a website’s success. This process of formulating website tracking into quantifiable data is called ‘metrics’, and with everyone using the new Web 2.0, quantifying a website’s success is trickier than ever. How many visitors does your site have each day? Each month? How many page views? What is the average time each visitor spends per session? What’s your site’s click through rate (CTR)? Is anyone subscribing to your RSS feed? All these questions are pointing to one underlying concern: is my website doing what it is supposed to do? Obviously, website success looks much different to a blogger than it does to an industrial manufacturer. A professional blogger will put more weight in how much time each visitor spends reading content and how many RSS subscriptions she has, while a manufacturer wants to know how many online quotes are being submitted and how many unique visitors view his ‘Capabilities’ page. These qualitative methods of measurement are part of the industry’s shift towards ‘engagement metrics’. But before we get too deep into this new mind-bog of ‘squishy’ analytics, let’s iron out some definitions. Continue reading

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Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Web Marketing Baby Steps for Industrial Manufacturers

What industrial manufacturers have to do with online marketing, and how web marketing can boost sales even in a tough economy… Continue reading

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