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Offering the best Finishing Equipment for over 50 years.

Great Lakes finishing Equipment, Inc. is a distributor of abrasive blast equipment, standard and engineered aqueous wash systems, vibratory and high energy deburring, waste water treatment, services and supplies. We have over 50 years of experience in the finishing industry. We have specialists in Aqueous Washing, Abrasive Sand Blasting, Vibratory Finishing, and Polishing and Buffing. We are located in South Elgin, Illinois in order to better reach and serve our customers. Continue reading

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Satisfying the Metal Finishing Industry Since 1991.

Midwest Finishing Systems, Inc. is a leading, ISO 9001-2000 certified supplier of finishing and abrasive blasting equipment from a network of quality manufacturers. Our products include vibratory equipment & supplies, sandblast equipment & supplies, a full line of abrasives, and wheelblast equipment. Our corporate office and jobshop are both located in Wisconsin. Midwest Finishing Systems stocks a complete line of blasting abrasives, tumbling medias and compounds to meet your needs. We also stock a complete line of coated abrasives for the metal and wood industries. Continue reading

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Prehistoric Peening and Today

Many industrial manufacturing techniques can be linked with prehistoric methods that were effective in their own way, particularly so considering they were all done manually. Our thriving mechanical and technological modern day has improved upon these early techniques for working with metal and other natural resources, creating more easy and efficient methods to get the same jobs done. One example of this evolution is shot peening equipment, which is a type of sandblast equipment specifically designed to strengthen or toughen up the surface and structure of a material, whether in its raw fabricated form or the shape of its final product. In prehistoric times this method simply involved hammering a metal with another metal, causing an excellent type of stress that strengthened rather than weakened the material. This original form of shot peening was done manually for long periods of time to get the desired effect. Continue reading

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Dry Ice Blasting: How to Clean Your Food Processing Equipment

Large machinery can be difficult to clean thoroughly. When you are working in the food processing industry, which has many branches such as bakeries, restaurants, canning companies and agricultural shipping and such, this issue is even more significant since the machines must be thoroughly sanitized. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA or USEPA recommends dry ice blasting rather then solvent based materials that leave chemical residue. Whether your food focused company has an industrial oven, a power mixer, a vacuum packer, meat slicer or a fish scaler to clean, using a dry ice blaster will ensure that dangerous substances such as salmonella and E. coli are completely washed away. Continue reading

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Mod-U-Blast: A Company You Can Count On.

Mod-U-Blast has been providing our customers with exceptional sandblasting equipment since our inception. With over a century of combined technical experience it is no wonder why people choose Mod-U-Blast for all of their sandblasting equipment needs! Through our dedicated sales and technical staff, we provide customers with the ultimate sandblast equipment purchasing experience. All of our products that are manufactured in our facilities undergo testing to assess the products strength and to verify it as durable enough to stand up to the rigorous wear and tear of everyday application. Continue reading

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Empire Abrasive Equipment: Blasting Since 1943

For over seven decades Empire Abrasive Equipment has been a titan in our industry. During those seventy years we built our reputation as leaders in the air-blasting industry and in the production of sand-blasting equipment. All of the products manufactured by Empire are fabricated in America and have been since 1943. With our rich history of providing customers with exceptional products such as blast cabinets, blast rooms and robotic blast systems, it is no wonder why people around the globe choose Empire Abrasive Equipment to have all of their industrial air blasting needs met. Continue reading

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