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BEI Kimco – Leading the Linear and Rotary Actuator Industry

Since 1974, Kimco Magnetics was one of the original pioneers to commercialize products made with rare earth metals. Acquired in 1984 by BEI Technologies, the two companies merged to become BEI Kimco to provide you with leading-edge capabilities and cost effective manufacturing know-how with the personalization customers would to expect. BEI Kimco, a leader since the start, continues to dominate the market for leading brushless DC motors and linear and rotary voice coil actuators. We have provided the market with thousands of motors and actuators for industries ranging from medical and defense to laboratory and factory automation. Continue reading

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They Day I Learned About Linear Actuators and DVD Players

Recently we discovered that one of our prized possessions, our DVD player, was no longer working properly. We were not exactly sure what the problem was because we could not get the tray into which you place the DVD to play it to open. The machine seemed to be locked up. We did a little bit of research, which consisted of us prying the tray open and not being able to close it up again, and then went to the internet for help. We discovered that the source of the problem was a tiny part, very common to all kinds of machines, called the linear actuator. Continue reading

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Actuators: Driving Lean Manufacturing

In the industrial world, few concepts are catching on as quickly as lean manufacturing. I constantly read and hear on blogs and radio shows about the importance of “leanness” as industry works to right itself in the wake of the financial crisis. At the heart of lean manufacturing is waste reduction. In modern industry, waste reduction often involves automation. Automation depends on actuators. I suppose one could say, then, that if lean manufacturing is helping to make industry stronger, one could also say that linear actuators are helping to make industry stronger. This may not seem like the most intuitive statement, but many lean manufacturing operations depend on actuators, if indirectly, to become lean. Continue reading

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Rotary Linear Actuators

Not all actuators are used to produce linear motion. Granted, the word “actuator,” within the context of industry, tends to be associated more often with linear motion than with other kinds of motion. But rotary actuators are important tools for industry, and they serve a variety of purposes in a variety of contexts. Also, in addition to their capacity to actuate rotary motion, rotary actuators can actually be used to generate linear motion in situations in which traditional linear actuators are not appropriate. Continue reading

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Moving Forward with Linear Actuators

Kitchen automation’ has little to do with robots, conveyor belts or self-assembling food, contrary to the images that pop up in my head immediately upon hearing the phrase. We live in an electronic-filled world with new gadgets being developed all the time. It only makes sense that technology would eventually make it to the kitchen. Linear actuators are the devices mainly responsible for the introduction of popup spice racks or fold-down televisions. Though appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers have drastically improved through new technologies, kitchen automation is the newest development. Disappearing cabinets, sliding tabletops and rising counters may sound like pure imagination but they are becoming a reality through these useful devices. Continue reading

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