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CINCINNATI, OHIO, January 22, 2013 – CECO Environmental Corp. (NasdaqGM: CECE), a leader in air pollution control technology systems, product recovery and filtration technology, announced that it has acquired Adwest Technologies Inc. (“Adwest”), a leader in the design and manufacture of regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) for the global air pollution control market. Continue reading

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Press Release: COXREELS’ ½” 1125 SERIES REELS

In response to industry demand, Coxreels®, leading U.S. manufacturer of industrial-grade hose, cord and cable reels, is pleased to announce that all ½” 1125 series hose reels now come standard equipped with zinc-plated plumbing. The protective properties of zinc are intended for a wide array of applications requiring superior oxidation prevention. Continue reading

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New Litco 48” x 45” Presswood Automotive Pallet Is Cost-Effective Alternative to Plastic

VIENNA, Ohio (September 2012) – Litco International Inc., North America’s leading source of Inca presswood pallets, today announced the launch of a nestable 48” x 45” automotive pallet. This new product offering is specifically designed to meet the needs of Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to the automotive industry that can use a low cost nestable , non-plastic pallet. Continue reading

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BRAWNY REEL UPGRADE Adding Structural Strength to Get the Job Done

Coxreels® introduces the brawny upgrade available for any hand crank and motorized 1125 Series hose reel. This new feature is an added option that strengthens the discs and the drum, preventing potential damage under increased pressure usage. Continue reading

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KENNESAW, GEORGIA – September, 2012. As a leading manufacturer of industrial workbenches and accessories, Sovella continually seeks to improve and perfect our wide range of products, and provide solutions that best meet the needs of our users. With those needs in mind, Sovella has introduced a new line of standard workstations to replace the previous “Basic” table product line. Continue reading

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ITT launches automation grade brushless servo motor

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Aug. 14, 2012 – ITT Corporation’s (NYSE: ITT) Torque Systems brand has long provided engineered motion control and automation products for a variety of industries. It is now expanding its line of high-quality and reliable products by launching an automation grade brushless servo motor designed for medical and packaging applications. Continue reading

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SOR® Achieves Coveted SIL Certification for Pressure and Level Switches

SOR Inc. now offers pressure and level switches that are SIL (Safety Integrity Level) Certified per IEC 61508. Contact your local SOR® Representative for more details or download the SOR Safety Integrity Level Quick Guide for more information. Continue reading

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The Future of Waste Gas Treatment From Carbon Fiber Processing

Carbon fiber and graphite reinforced polymers are materials that have, and will continue to revolutionize the products we use every day by making them stronger, lighter and more durable. However, the manufacturing process can have serious environmental ramifications and immediate danger to human health if careful consideration is not given to emission control at the production phase of these materials. Continue reading

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Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Releases a 36mm Linear Actuator Configuration to Replace Existing Size 14 Hybrids

Waterbury, CT – Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a premier manufacturer of linear motion products, has released a new version of the popular 36mm G4 linear actuator. This configuration includes a special adapter plate that allows the smaller 36mm OD unit to replace existing size 14 hybrid stepper motor linear actuators. Continue reading

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Tanis, Incorporated has acquired Regal Manufacturing Company of Fond du Lac, WI. The two brush manufacturers have enjoyed more than two decades of collaboration, and Regal’s former owner Greg Fuhrman will continue to be involved in the company going forward. Continue reading

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Mokon’s Line of Iceman Portable Chillers Just Got Bigger

Mokon’s line of Iceman Portable Chillers has been expanded with a new unit that offers from ¼ ton up to 40 tons of cooling capacity in both air-cooled and water-cooled designs. These new chillers meet process cooling requirements to 5?F (-15?C). The addition of the 40-Ton portable chiller to Mokon’s Iceman line is in response to feedback received from customers. Continue reading

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Del-Tron Precision Launches New Website with Tools for Linear Motion System Design

Del-Tron Precision, Inc., a manufacturer of precision linear motion devices, has launched a new website that provides engineers with an unprecedented array of design tools. The new website enables users to identify products based on a wide range of criteria, calculate life and moment loads, download solid models and order products. ‘Our goal with the new website is to put all of the information needed at the fingertips of the design engineer to develop an optimized linear motion solution in much less time than was required in the past,’ said Emil Melvin, Director of Sales and Marketing for Del-Tron Precision. .. Continue reading

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Deschner Corporation Offers the ‘Skipchek®’ Speed Regulator to Dramatically Improve Tube Drilling Operations

Santa Ana, California, March, 2009 — The latest speed regulator from the Deschner line of products– the SKIPCHEK® model Kinechek – is being offered by Deschner Corporation, headquartered in Santa Ana, California. According to Frank Solis, President, the Skipchek was developed to meet customer requests that their popular Kinechek® speed regulators be configured for tube or clevis drilling to deliver a controlled feed, followed by a fast ‘skip’ then returning to a controlled feed. No more drilling air! The skip distance is non adjustable and is engineered to meet each customers application and can be configured to drill through more than two walls. Continue reading

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