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Storing Waste Oil Safely

Plastic tanks are excellent for storing numerous kinds of liquids. With plastic fuel tanks, for example, you only need one type of tank as there is not any waste leftover from using the fuel. But a material such as oil needs a couple different kinds of containers, one for storing fresh oil, and another for storing used or waste oil. Oil, unlike gasoline, does not merely run its course and evaporate or get burned off. So companies or industries that deal in oil storage need to have a safe and environmentally friendly way to keep their waste oil stowed. Continue reading

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Plastic Oil Tanks In Smaller, More Convenient Sizes!

When you think of a plastic oil tank you may envision a massive white or yellow tank on the back of a truck or inside a warehouse. But what you may not know is that while these types of tanks are abundant, there are also a host of much more diminutive tanks that you can use for smaller jobs around the house or in your garage and workspace. Continue reading

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Assmann Corporation announces new NSF 61 Certification for its crosslink tanks. Assmann’s High-density crosslink resin tanks are Certified for chemical storage and are suitable for a variety of chemicals. Assmann’s crosslink tanks include vertical storage, horizontal storage, double wall, conical bottom and open top tanks as well as chemical feed stations and secondary containment basins. Continue reading

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