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The Surprising Benefits of Plastic

Plastic has received a bad reputation in recent years due to its inability to biodegrade. The use of too much plastic in everyday life has lead to the accumulation of large amounts of plastic in landfills and garbage collection facilities all over the world. Some countries even dump excess plastic into the ocean, which is toxic to the wildlife living in the water. However, not everything about plastic is bad. Plastic has enabled us to have inexpensive versions of products and provide methods for completing processes that are safer and better. Injection molded plastic manufacturers have come up with hundreds of uses for plastic that enhance our everyday lives. Before you decide against plastic entirely, consider some of the following benefits that plastic offers in our world: Continue reading

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Invention of Injection Molded Plastics

John Wesley Hyatt was born on November 28th, 1837 in Starkey, New York. He started work as a printer at the age of 16, but in 1863, he was intrigued by an award offered by a New York billiards company who was looking for a cheap substitute for ivory for use in their billiard balls. The award was hefty at $10,000, and John Wesley Hyatt dedicated many hours of his time to finding this solution. Continue reading

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Getting the Perfect Prototype Part

If you are a manufacturing company that is developing a new product that requires injection molding, then obviously looking for an injection molded plastics job shop is your first step in getting the part created. However, if you are hung up on the fact that you aren’t sure exactly what you want, don’t let it stop you from contacting an injection molding company. The process in and of itself always involves custom molds, and most companies therefore have the capability to help create a prototype that will suit your needs perfectly. Plastic injection moulders are machines created to follow through with the prototype design with perfection, and the process is very reliable. Mass production is what these machines are built for, and those that run them have years of experience behind their belts. Continue reading

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How to Make a Plastic Injection Mould

The design and production of a mold for mass production of injection molded plastics must be perfect, since an imperfect mold will create an imperfect part and lots of them. Also, because they are expensive, it is not a process that manufacturers purchasing molds for their production line want to mess around with. Quality metals, designs and function are all highly important in the mold making process. Steel and steel alloys such as stainless steel are popular choices for mold material because of their strength and corrosion resistance. Since these molds have both hot and cold elements shifting in and out of them constantly, this is an important feature of the material. Aluminum is another common metallic base for industrial molds. Continue reading

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Maintaining the Shape of Insert Molding

A number of industries that utilize plastic products have special requirements for the parts they need. Industries such as the medical field, automotive, aerospace, marine and manufacturing machining all use multimedia parts that must be fashioned in a low-cost, efficient and sturdy manner. This is where insert molding comes in. When a metal part needs plastic elements that are permanently attached to it, the metal part may be safely inserted into a special mold and then surrounded by the molten plastic that hardens around it creating one part instead of two. This process combines thermoplastics injection molding with adhesive processes that would require two parts to be fashioned to fit together correctly. Continue reading

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Christmas Toys from Plastic Injection Molding

If Santa’s workshop really existed, it would be full of elves with excellent industrial and commercial manufacturing expertise. Particularly because our modern society has demands beyond wooden toy soldiers and clothe dolls with yellow yarn hair and the population continues to rise, mass production would be vital for the survival of the North Pole. A system that would be working on overtime this close to Christmas would be the equipment for plastic injection molding. Plastic injection molding is one of the most common techniques for producing basic children’s toys, such as dolls, action figures, game pieces, outdoor game equipment and a variety of other play things. Not only are injection molded plastics able to create a plethora of toys, but it is a process that does it quickly, with very few secondary processes necessary afterwards.
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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Sourcing in China

Considering sourcing in China? China offers raw materials, inexpensive labor and engineering skills. Then why do so many projects fail in China? Learn how to recognize the pitfalls of sourcing and then overcome them, how to organize a project, choose a manufacturer, and deliver high quality product to your loading dock on schedule… Continue reading

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