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Perforated Tubes, Inc: Leader of Perforated Tubing

Perforated Tubes, Inc. has been the leader in custom industrial perforated tubing for 50 years. Since 1964 we established unparalleled high-quality perforated tubes and pipes for use in industries such as aerospace, agriculture, architecture, construction, domestic goods, polymers and plastics to name a few. More than 40 years ago, Perforated Tubes, Inc. invented most of the perforated steel tube manufacturing technology that is used in the industry today. Our products and standards exceed industry requirements and regulations. Continue reading

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The World of Perforated Tubes

If you’ve driven on a highway recently, you’re likely to have seen many examples of perforated tubes in action. Can you think where? How about in the exhaust pipes that protrude above the cabs on big rigs? Perforated pipes and tubes are used extensively in semi truck exhaust systems and in the exhaust systems of many kinds of heavy machinery. They also can be found in the exhaust systems of other kinds of vehicles, though they are more common in vehicles that have been modified by hobbyists than they are in standard exhaust system configurations. In addition to this major use, perforated metal tubes and pipes are used in a variety of other applications as well. Continue reading

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Perforated Tubes: Suppressing Sound and Increasing Performance

Perforation is a common practice for metal across industries. The same could be said about the use of metal tubes. Almost anywhere you look you are able to see a metal tube of some kind. However, can you name a place where a perforated tube is present in an object or stands alone as a tool? When initially thinking about perforated tubes it may be hard to pinpoint exactly when and where they would be used, but after further thought we use something everyday that has perforated tubes in its construction. That “something” is our automobiles, motorcycles and cars alike. Not only our automobiles, but machinery in the workplace has exhausts systems as well that use these tubes. The perforated tube is located inside of the muffler. Continue reading

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