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Paper Tubes & Sales: A Success Story

Paper Tubes & Sales LogoPaper Tubes & Sales has been a family owned and operated business for over 27 years and is one of the largest independent manufacturers of paper tubes, composite cans, and paper cores in the United States. Continue reading

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The Basic Construction of Paper Core

Paper core is the inside material made from wood pulp and other materials that go inside wrapped tubes to provide support and stability to wrapped materials like fabric, paper, or plastic. You can find paper cores on nearly every wrapped object, including toilet paper, paper towels, household tape, paint rollers, and many other common household tools and supplies. Even factories and commercial companies use paper cores in their businesses for a variety of storage and industrial uses. The process of creating paper core is interesting, and most paper core manufactures use a similar process to create their cores. If you ever get the chance to tour a paper-tube manufacturing plant, it makes for an interesting and informative field trip. Continue reading

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Where are Paper Cores Used?

A paper core uses a different manufacturing process than traditional paper. Although paper core is manufactured from wood just like regular paper, the manufacturing process is different. Industrial paper cores are made from wood pulp and provide additional stabilization from the inside. These cores are ideal for holding the weight of the object wrapped around the core, such as large amounts of plastic sheeting, tape, or fabric. You can find paper cores used in the following areas: Continue reading

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American Paper Products: Dedication to Outstanding Service

American Paper Products is an industry leading manufacturer of paper cores and tubes. As one of the oldest paper tube companies in the United States, our company has been family owned since its inception in 1929, and we have earned our position as a leader in the industry through our extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction. Our focus has always been on providing customers with solutions whether that means producing standard products or special products. We do more than manufacture paper tubes; we work with customers to design paper tubes to satisfy every specification and application. Continue reading

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The Heart of the Matter: Paper Cores

Paper cores are simply the inside tube material used for a variety of products to stabilize and wind the product. Most people do not pay attention to the paper cores in their lives, but some of the most common paper core products are the inside of toilet paper rolls, plastic wrap rolls, aluminum foil rolls, and paper towel rolls. Typically, the bulkier and heavier the material around the core, the higher the overall stability of the core will be. Continue reading

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