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Packing Seals & Engineering Offers an Assortment of Metric and Standard Seals

Packing Seals & Engineering, Inc. has been providing innovative rubber, bonded, and metal components to the OEM, MRO and aftermarket industries. We provide o-rings and customer specific products to a wide variety of markets. PS&E excels in application engineering, fitting our customers with the problem solving skills for a multitude of solutions. Our company carries an assortment of metric and standard seals, molded parts, and custom products. Continue reading

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Global O-Ring and Seal, LLC: Worldwide Distributor of O-Rings

Global O-Ring and Seal, LLC is a distributor of O-rings and other seals serving various industries throughout the world. Our 25,000 square foot facility in Houston, Texas stocks major compounds such as Buna (Nitrile), Viton (FKM), EPDM, Silicone, Teflon, and Aflas among many other compounds. When it comes to O-rings, we carry AS568 standard sizes, metric sizes, and O-Ring cord stock. Global O-Ring and Seal, LLC also distributes custom molded O-rings, O-Ring Assortment & Splice Kits, Spliced and Hot-Vulcanized O-Rings, Minigrip-brand Reclosable bags, accessories, kits, and other related products. With our extensive knowledge about O-Rings, we are able to use size, material, durometer, and color to pick the right product for any project. Continue reading

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Making a Tight Seal

Working in multiple mechanical setting for a number of years, one of the first lessons you learn and must always follow is never connect two items without a gasket or seal. There are a number of different gaskets and seals for all shapes and sizes. These ensure a tight seal and prevent future leaks, breaks, blow-outs or other hazards. A common type of gasket for a round or “o” shaped object is an o-ring. There are several companies that are o-ring manufacturers. O-rings are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, large or small. They can also be made to withstand temperature extremes, both hot and cold. Continue reading

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From Product Seals to Space Seals

Used in a wide variety of applications, including several precision applications, o-rings are a very popular product. They can be important pieces in cars and spacecraft. In these situations especially, maintenance and regular checks are important. With the constant movement and vibrations that these industries are exposed to, parts and products wearing down with time are inevitable. While they may be superior products, with years of constant use, they will start to show signs of age. Luckily, when this happens with items such as o-rings, the solution is not only affordable, but very simple as well. Continue reading

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Finding the Right Size

There are countless applications in which having a completely reliable seal is important. In many of these situations, o-rings might do the trick. These items can come in various sizes, all in their o shape. They provide an impermeable seal between two joints and can be found assisting in machines in nearly every industry. However, because they are used so frequently, and because their job is such a stressful one, they will begin to wear down eventually. The time it takes for them to begin to show signs of wear will vary from application to application, but eventually they will need replacing. Continue reading

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The Challenger Disaster of ’86 Prompted Current O-Ring Design and Safety

Many people remember 1986 by the neon colored leggings, popping Glass Tiger cassettes into new Walkmans and going to see Top Gun numerous times. But what sticks out in everyone’s mind about this year was the random disasters. 4 months in, the Chernobyl plant in the Ukraine exploded, creating the worst nuclear disaster of all time, and the US Challenger exploded a minute after take off. I was too young to remember any of this, being -8 months at the time, but the lasting effects of these accidents are still felt, even by those who weren’t around. While the Soviet Union was dealing with a catastrophic explosion and deadly radiation penetrating their cities, the United States was mourning the passing of seven fallen astronauts. Continue reading

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