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Primary Fluid Systems: Innovation Since 1991

Since our founding in 1991 Primary Fluid Systems has been a world class manufacturer of metering pumps that serve a variety of industries around the globe. Some of the various industries that Primary Fluid Systems’ products serve include chemical applications, industrial usage, irrigation industries as well as many others. We offer a custom line of products designed specifically to fit the needs of customers around the world. Since our beginning Primary Fluid Systems has been fabricating products such as static mixers, flow meters, as well as specialty valves and pumps. Continue reading

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High Performance Diaphragms and Their Use in Pumping Abrasive and Dense Slurries

Metering pumps have long been known for their accuracy and reliability to provide precise dosing of liquids to a process stream. This understanding was generally limited to homogeneous fluids or liquids under 500 cps. The use of a high performance diaphragm can boost the cps capable of being pumps exceeding 7,000 cps (depending on pump size) and handle large solids content. This has significant application where heavy materials, earth materials or conveyance of other solids bearing fluids is required. This discussion consolidates the selection and application of high performance diaphragms in these specialized applications… Continue reading

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