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Velmex: One of the Original Precision Positioning Equipment

Velmex, Inc. was one of the first manufacturers of precision positioning equipment and is still a leader in the industry today. Founded in 1967, Velmex, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of stock and custom linear and rotary motion control positioning equipment for scientific, research, machining, instrumentation and industrial applications. We produce UniSlide®, BiSlide® and XSlide™ manual and motor-driven assemblies; manual and motor-driven XY tables, rotary tables, elevating tables and turntables; as well as, VXM™ motor controls and VRO™ encoder readouts. Continue reading

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Automation Solutions From PHD, Inc.

PHD, Inc., is a leading, ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of industrial automation actuators designed to help companies optimize their manufacturing processes. Our products consist of a full line of cylinders, escapements, grippers, linear slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators, switches and sensors. Continue reading

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Linear Slides: An Overview

Although it may look like a jump drive from this angle, which is a small back-up storage device for computers, linear slides do no such thing. Instead, linear slides are maneuverability focused devices, ranging in scale and size from tiny internal automatic machine parts to large bulk machinery. With a minimum of friction and utilizing only small amounts of energy, linear slides are built to push, pull or position other objects. The simplest design involves movement on a single axis, but more complex designs can move on multiple planes. Linear slide varieties are vast, as are the applications they are used for. Continue reading

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Linear Slides for Easy Motion

You are sitting in a dark tunnel, when suddenly the mining cart you are sitting in takes of and goes flying down a large hill, ripping around corners, soaring up and down, making your adrenaline rise and your stomach fall. If you cannot completely imagine the scenario, you could easily pick your favorite movie consisting of a scene such as this. Maybe Indiana Jones or Harry Potter? The reason I want you to think of these situations is it is a slightly more exciting transition into our next topic, linear slides. If you picture these large carts and carriages, they are often sliding along on wheels on a metal surface or railing. Linear slides can be thought of as the metal railings these large carts would slide down. However, instead of the wheels, ball bearings are used. The slides work much like the railings in that they dictate exactly where the carriage will go. Continue reading

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