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Consider Cam Followers

Often used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, farm, and construction equipment, needle bearings have a high load carrying capacity and a very small section height. Using these bearings help machine designers keep dimensions down in applications where space and weight should be limited. The aerospace industry is great example of this, where needle bearings are used for wing flap and slat track rollers, in hinges and in landing gear. Unfortunately, the qualities that make them ideal for these uses also imply intrinsic disadvantages. Though they have high load carrying capacity, they cannot withstand axial loads and will fail if any vector force is applied parallel to the shaft. Continue reading

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The Perfect Design

Linear bearings are available in all sorts of different models. Some popular options include needle bearings, rotary bearings, miniature linear bearings, slide bearings and even plastic bearings. While each of these individual products will vary slightly from each other, the over all design of a linear bearing is relatively the same. And they can serve as the perfect part to assist in moving objects along a straight line with the highest levels of precision. So, first what needs to be done is decide if a linear bearing sounds like the right option for the intended application. From there, talking with a trusted manufacturer can help provide the perfect model to make sure the job is done just right. Continue reading

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Current Bearings and their Future

Low friction motion of varying loads that may require high accuracy and repeatability is the perfect job for linear motion bearings. These products are able to provide the perfect motion necessary for a wide array of applications. Not only that, but these products are known for their accuracy, low costs, low maintenance, variety and availability. When it comes to motion bearings, there is a wide range of styles including linear air bearings, linear roller bearings, linear ball, rotary bearings and more. Linear motion bearing manufacturers are able to create a variety of different types and varieties of these bearings to make sure they are able to work with the intended application in the most efficient way possible. Several factors go into choosing the right product such as height, length, rolling element and material choice. Each of these factors can provide different advantages to the application. Continue reading

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The Materials of Linear Motion Bearings

Some industrial products require specific types of materials more then others, for a variety of reasons. More often then not, stainless steel and aluminum are included in the list of most popular materials, including for the production of linear motion bearings. These diverse metals have so many excellent qualities that they are well suited for many environments, including many that linear bearings must be exposed to. Linear motion bearings are used to ease specific movements within certain structures and machines, such as drawers within desks and dressers, robotic automation and manufacturing machines. Why stainless steel and aluminum are used to create these motion enabling products is explained below. Continue reading

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The Astounding Linear Air Bearings

The utilization of the most basic element in our world for something other then breathing is amazing in and of itself. The fact that it has been manipulated to create toxin free energy is pretty amazing too. So linear air bearings, which use a film of compressed air as a cushion in between two objects that need free movement in one direction while also supporting varieties of weight, is straight up astounding. We as humans are able to harness the air that surrounds us at all times in such a way that multiple industries are able to move parts without friction, which reduces high maintenance fees as well as prolonging the life of the product or machine being moved. Continue reading

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Linear Motion Bearing: Rolling VS. Plain

A linear motion bearing is a type of bearing used in rotating parts, including roller skates, dryers, clocks, and many other applications. Nearly every machine or product that has rotating parts uses a bearing of some kind to help facilitate the rotational movement of the product.
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Linear Bearings Make Modern Movement More Bearable

Driving cautiously to work this morning, I was surrounded by lake effect snowfall and well-below freezing temperatures. My appreciation of the beautiful view was soon replaced by a singular focus of staying on the road. As the back wheels of my car slipped going around the corners and took away my sense of control, it caused me to desire one thing: friction. Having grown up many miles away from snowy winters, the combination of slick roads and cold tires sometimes proves too much for my previous warm weather driving experience. At those times, all I need is some more resistance between my vehicle and the road to slow it down and provide traction, so that my wheels don’t move quite so smoothly across the glossy ice and the process of motion is slowed dramatically. For manufacturers of linear bearings however, the desire is exactly the opposite – they look for ways to reduce friction and to create the least amount of resistance possible in order to make transportation of goods and products smoother and faster. Continue reading

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