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What Can Lean Manufacturing do for Your Company?

Lean manufacturing-if you’re in industry, I’m sure you’ve been hearing this concept a lot in recent years. It claims to be a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste while at the same time, improving the product and maximizing customer value. While it may be true that the recession and mainstream environmental concerns may have something to do with Lean’s new found popularity, it’s actually not a new concept, but rather the business model of many established and successful companies, including Ford, Johnson & Johnson and Lantech. Lean has been in development the last 5 to 6 decades, and the official term was coined in the early 90s. If switching to lean means a higher quality product and higher efficiency and significant savings, why isn’t every company doing it? Continue reading

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GREEN WEEK Environmental Regulations: What Manufacturers Should Expect in the Next Decade

As you’ve probably noticed, environmental regulations in this country have been getting tighter. Due to a high degree of waste and pollution in the manufacturing process, the green movement is affecting us first and foremost. Within the past decade, the dangers of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions have transformed from hear-say to a huge, pressing problem that is impossible to ignore. The changes and restrictions in recent years and those that are soon to come will change every US industry, whether they like it or not. Regardless of the high cost and struggles it is likely to cause, green manufacturing is no longer just an option. The manufacturing sector wastes energy, pollutes our air and water, and generates mass quantities of solid, liquid and gaseous waste. Continue reading

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Sourcing in China

Considering sourcing in China? China offers raw materials, inexpensive labor and engineering skills. Then why do so many projects fail in China? Learn how to recognize the pitfalls of sourcing and then overcome them, how to organize a project, choose a manufacturer, and deliver high quality product to your loading dock on schedule… Continue reading

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