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Turnkey Recycling Solutions From Eurohansa

Eurohansa has been designing, developing, and manufacturing industrial shredders and recycling machinery for industries around the world since 1988. As the most experienced shredder manufacturing company, we provide many within the recycling industry with the most durable and technically engineered solutions available. We offer every type of recycling and shredding machine from low speed shredders and grinders to horizontal grinders and shredders. From any material, any volume or any recycling application, Eurohansa offers a solution to suit our customer’s needs. Continue reading

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So Many Industry Applications

With health care, recycling, waster removal, paper production, milling, storage and other industrial industries, tons of waste is produced that must be properly disposed of. The most common waste is old packaging material and private documents. Not only do companies want this information destroyed to protect individual’s privacy, but many have also jumped on the recycling bandwagon after the increasing awareness of the global warming crisis. By using industrial shredders, documents can be properly destroyed, and the packaging items, papers and other materials can be made ready for recycling processes so that the products can be used again instead of tossed into landfills. Continue reading

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From Chips to Animal Bedding

While industrial shredders are perfect for reducing large, irregular pieces of various materials into uniform, manageable ones, sometimes you might need to go just a little further. And this is precisely where industrial grinders come into the picture. Industrial grinders can be used to crush the materials into very small pieces or even powders. They do this through attrition and compression by way of hoppers or a series of rollers instead of the shredders method of blades and teeth. Continue reading

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