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Konecranes: Lifting Your Productivity Since 1910

Konecranes has an outstanding reputation that is built on over 80 years of delivering premium products and outstanding customer service. From industrial cranes to lift trucks, Konecranes is one of the best in the lifting business. We use our unique global knowledge and experience and combine that with our local knowledge to provide you with the best solution to increasing your productivity. Continue reading

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Construction Cranes Making Something Better

I was able to visit New York City for the first time a few years ago. For a country mouse like me the city was rather overwhelming. But it was still beautiful. I loved it. I loved the feel of walking down the street and feeling totally anonymous. I loved the feeling of being dwarfed when I looked up at the buildings that stretched to the sky. Those incredibly tall buildings are something to behold, but seeing one being constructed is in itself a memorable experience. Continue reading

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Stopping Crane Injuries and Fatalities

A cable snapping on a construction crane was the cause of a recent crane collapse at the site of an expansion to the local jail in my town. I immediately wondered if the crane was being worked over capacity or if the equipment had been up-to-date with inspections and proper maintenance. Fortunately, no serious injuries were sustained, but that can’t be said for the 78 average deaths caused by crane accidents a year. Continue reading

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Outdoor Industrial Cranes for Building and Re-building

With load capacities from 1 to 500 tons, industrial cranes provide the strength needed to lift, lower, carry and relocate what cannot be moved by smaller machinery or mere human power. Large outdoor cranes are mostly used in the construction of buildings and structures like bridges or highway systems, and in large lifting applications like bulk-handling of cargo. However, in this imperfect world industrial cranes are also employed to recover and rebuild. Continue reading

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Construction Cranes: The Birth of Professional Construction

Before cranes were invented, the primary means of vertical load motion was the use of ramps. Then, in the late 6th century BC, the Ancient Greeks introduced the winch and pulley hoist. The new lifting technique meant that instead of a few large stones being used, several smaller ones were more practical. This switch from the ramp to crane technology was favored by the Greeks because of the volatile social and political conditions of the day. The employment of small, professional construction teams was preferred over the large bodies of unskilled laborers required for the ramp system. Continue reading

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The Best Industrial Uses for Cranes

Industrial cranes are a necessary part of any manufacturing process because it is impossible to lift and transport many of the massive pieces of equipment and raw materials used in the mining process by hand. Machines are a vital part of any manufacturing process. Industrial cranes help facilitate the movement of materials, products, manufacturing pieces, and finished goods from one place to another. Many modern cranes have a wide range of features that help facilitate the safety and efficiency of each crane, such as shock load prevention, full automation, intelligent radio control, regenerative drives, skew and tracking control, and many others. With these features, the transportation process is easier, more efficient, and safer. Continue reading

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