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A Solution for Old Drums

While you might not have an excessive amount of steel 55 gallon drums lying around your house, these products are very useful and common in a number of industries. These products are large, cylindrical containers. The normal sized drum is able to contain 55 gallons, making it great for an array of shipping and storing applications. Most often, they are used to store various liquids or loose raw materials. The ability to store such a large supply of products in containers such as these can be perfect for all sorts of industries including petroleum, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, hazardous waste collection, waste water treatment and agriculture. Continue reading

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For Simple Transportation and Storage

While homes do not have too much of a problem disposing of all of their trash, the same cannot always be said for businesses. A household typically only fills their dumpster each week, and this is picked up by the garbage service. However, if you are in a business, there might be a lot more that needs to be disposed. There might be a week where there are extra deliveries, doubling or tripling the usual amount. And, when you are a big business, all of that extra material can be costly. That is why many businesses turn to a baling press. Continue reading

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Compactor Manufacturers Go Even Greener!

Compactors are becoming even more green! A recent article by the University of California, San Diego’s The Guardian, discusses new solar-powered trash cans. According to the article, while old trash cans were able to hold roughly 35 gallons of garbage, these new models are capable of containing 180 gallons of trash. This is due to the fact that each trash can comes equipped with a solar-powered trash compactor, able to compact the garbage so that each is able to hold much more waste. In the end, this will save those who purchase them money. Not only will it save energy costs for those that would usually use compactors in the first place, but for those that it is the first time, they will immediately see lowered transportation costs. This is due to the fact that fewer trips to the landfill will be needed. Continue reading

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