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Cocker-Weber Brush Company: Over 120 Years of Success

Cocker-Weber Brush Company has been providing brushes for a variety of industries for over 120 years, and is the leading manufacturer of tufted industrial brushes. We work to produce the highest quality brushes on the market. Cocker-Weber collaborates with companies to design and build brushing and polishing tools unique to the industry; we will even reproduce discontinued or hard to find brushes. We have the capability to produce small lots and large runs for both end users and OEM suppliers. Continue reading

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Fuller Industries, LLC: Leader in Custom Brush Products

Fuller Industries has been providing superior custom industrial brushes for over 100 years. We manufacture and design top of the line custom brushes for a variety of industries such as agriculture, aerospace, bakery, commercial door, lawn and turf, machine tool, packaging and printing. Our outstanding staff is continuously improving upon products and services to meet our customer’s highest expectations while meeting specifications of OEM components. Continue reading

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Washing Cars All Summer Long

The summer weather is here, and that means a lot of things. We can now go for evening walks, go to the beach, eat outside, go biking and, for me at least, can wash our cars. Many people do this several times each year, possibly even every month or so. In the winter months this is by going to an actual car wash. I however, being slightly cheap, tend to just wait until it is warm enough outside for me to do it myself. If I’m lucky this means sometime in May, again in July and hopefully September. After that we have to wait until May comes around again. Continue reading

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From Cleaning Books to Refinishing Cars

One thing that always really bothered me in college was all the price tag stickers on the books for class. I would buy used books to save money and while the book itself was in a very good condition, it was covered in about fifty stickers stacked one on top of the other. And if you tried to peel them off you would be left with a sticky annoying spot on the book that was even worse than the stickers. There was simply no way to win. I remember scrubbing a couple of the hardcover laminated books with a thick, tough brush to try and remove the residue my freshman year. It was a long process… but it did work. Continue reading

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Cleaning off Conveyors With Industrial Brushes

Conveyor belts can be found at work in manufacturing industries, food production, grocery stores, packaging, toy assembly and so many more. While they are incredibly useful, they can also be incredibly annoying to clean. Say something spills at the grocery store, possibly milk, and drains along the conveyor belt. As it continues to move it just keeps spreading until half of the conveyor is covered. This makes a hassle to clean because you have to move it completely through, scrubbing all the while. One solution many choose in these cases is a strip brush. Continue reading

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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Tanis, Inc.

Now available: The updated 2012 Industrial Brush Sourcebook from Tanis.

An industry-leading manufacturer now celebrating its 25th year, Tanis Inc has just released its newest, 56-page industrial brush catalog. The company is well known as a resource for general purpose hand brushes, paint and parts cleaning brushes, artist brushes and laboratory brushes. Tanis is also a premier manufacturer of a wide range of twisted-in-wire brushes from micro diameters of 1/50” up to heavy-duty power burr brushes in stainless steel, high carbon steel, brass or nylon. Continue reading

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