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Asbury Carbons Providing High Quality Machined Graphite Since 1895

Asbury Carbons has been the world’s largest independent processor and merchant of graphite for over a century. We supply natural and synthetic graphite, cokes, coals, and all carbon products. Additionally, we are experts of graphite machining and a major supplier of a variety of raw materials used in a range of industries worldwide. While today we are a major company, we come from humble beginnings. Continue reading

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Graphite and Carbon

Recycling is a big part of our world today. While not everyone is a participant yet, the numbers are constantly growing. Global warming is becoming a real, immediate concern, and as a result, numerous consumers and businesses are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. To avoid completely using up all of the earth’s natural resources and to cut back on pollution recycling is a key step. And when it comes to industrial recycling, graphite is a big part of it. Not only is graphite an easy material to recycle, but it is able to assist in the recycling of a variety of other tough materials such as steel. Continue reading

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Metal Melting and Other Experiments

In general, it is common to think of crucibles as being created from metals such as copper, platinum, quartz or even porcelain. People do not always think of graphite, an item commonly known for its use in pencils. Yet, this is an excellent and cost saving alternative to the other materials that tend to be on the more expensive side. Crucibles are a type of container chosen for its ability to withstand high temperatures. Used to melt or alter various materials from metals, glass, pigments or for various lab testing, these products must have incredible resistance. Continue reading

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Weaver Industries: Shaping Your Needs with Graphite

Weaver Industries is a top manufacturer of machined graphite located in Denver, Pennsylvania. Our company came from humble beginnings as Harold S. Weaver began supplying foundries with patterns out of his home in 1954. After 55 years, we are proud to still be family owned, and we still hold firmly to our family values, being committed to integrity and honesty in all our business relationships. The Weaver family is dedicated to passing on these family values to their customers by supplying them with the highest quality products made from the very best materials. Continue reading

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Oh the Graphite Machining Possibilities

Graphite is a very beneficial material due to its strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, dry lubrication and self lubrication. In order to machine it heavy duty processes are necessary to make it into the various products that are needed in the graphite industry. One of these methods is electrical discharge machining. This is a process used to cut, drill, etch and machine various metal parts. It works especially well with metals that would be difficult to process with traditional methods. The conductive properties and temperature resistance that this graphite possesses makes it ideal for this process. By producing the parts through graphite EDM processes, the metals can be formed without burrs, a common issue that arises with traditional cutting methods. Continue reading

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