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Over 30 Years of High Quality Cranes

For over 30 years, Gorbel, Inc. has been a leader in the overhead crane industry and provides overhead crane, gantry cranes and other handling solutions for small applications weighing 50 pounds to larger applications that require lifting 40 tons. Continue reading

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Gantry Cranes: Symbols of Strength

At a time when Ireland’s troubles were raging, there came a great announcement from one of Northern Ireland’s largest employers, Harland & Wolff. They were going to build two enormous gantry cranes to further their reputation and reach as one of the largest shipbuilders in the world. The first was completed in 1969 and the second in 1974. Named after biblical figures symbolizing grand strength, the first was called Goliath and the second Samson. Although things did not bode so well for these two fellows, the twin shipbuilding gantry cranes still stand at Queen’s Island in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and are considered landmark structures of the city. Continue reading

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Workstation Cranes Do Heavy Lifting

Workstation cranes can move loads that weigh between 150 and 4,000 pounds, utilized in factories, warehouses and machine shops to complete industrial processes. Workers could never manufacture, assemble, and install heavy duty industrial equipment, or manufacture steel without the use of cranes. And, smaller workstation cranes handle lighter loads, such as CNC mills or saws, which are essential to metalworkers. Basically, any crane used within a facility can be considered a workstation crane, which includes jib cranes, gantry cranes and bridge cranes. Continue reading

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3 Types of Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are a type of crane that uses a hoist to lift objects. The hoist sits in a hoist trolly, and the trolley can move horizontally on a rail under a beam. Gantry cranes are often used to lift extremely heavy objects, and are often used in building large products, like ships and buildings. Smaller gantry cranes are often used in the automobile industry to lift small, but heavy equipment pieces, like vehicle engines. Continue reading

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Gantry Cranes Save Time, Money and Man Power

A Gantry crane is a type of overhead crane that lifts objects, machinery, materials and parts as high as 30 stories. They come in many different sizes, but the largest are used everyday to help manufacture some huge structures. This type of crane is composed of 2 vertical concrete supports with steel reinforcements and a horizontal beam, which has winches made of extremely strong wire rope that can hold up to 2 thousand tons each. Gantry cranes’ movements are limited to vertical up and down and left and right motions. They cannot shift, rotate or turn, and their supports are not easily moved. Continue reading

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