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ProTec Strategic Group Advanced Friction Materials

Since 1988 ProTec Strategic Friction Group has been creating and advancing different solutions for a wide range of friction materials and forms. As a US-based worldwide producer of reliable solutions for some of the most demanding friction applications and environments, ProTec is dedicated to making products that make your business easier. We are a lean operating unit, drawing on a global scale to solve problems quickly and cost effectively. Read More… Continue reading

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The Importance of Friction Products

Look at the image above. Consider the influence and importance of friction products here. Looking at images like these can make the importance of friction products to industry and to other economic sectors easily apparent. Let’s start with the most visible, obvious examples. Take a look at the orange-colored materials being deposited by the equipment. It’s very likely that the conveyor system visible in this picture is controlled by a system that includes friction products as part of emergency stop mechanisms. Friction products are also likely to be included in the crane and winch mechanisms on other parts of the machinery. And if you look at the treads of the machine (they are the belts around the wheels that allow the machine to move), they are likely to be fitted with friction products that prevent unwanted motion. Continue reading

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Friction Materials and Surprising Innovations

To understand the importance of friction materials, it can be helpful to consider the example of the Kiruna to Narvik railway in northern Sweden. The railway is used to transport iron ore from mines in Kiruna to ports elsewhere in the country. When the trains from Kiruna travel their way back down the steep passes, their braking systems, because of the friction used to slow the speed of the trains, generates tremendous amounts of heat. And what happens to this heat? Engineers eventually found a way to capture the heat generated by the braking of the train and convert it into energy that can be used and stored. In fact, the energy generated by the braking of the train on its return from the mines is sufficient to power the train during much of its journey back to the mines. Even then, an excess of power is sometimes generated by the train’s braking, and that power is directed to the power grid, through which it supplies power to homes and businesses. Continue reading

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Friction Materials in Our Cars

Classic cars have always been a fascination of mine, more specifically the muscle cars of the late 1960s and early 1970s. I regularly go to classic car cruises and car shows. However, you can only get so much satisfaction out of looking at cars. The real experience and passion comes from getting your hands dirty and driving these incredible pieces of art. Therefore, the summer after high school I took it upon myself to get my hands on a 1968 Roadrunner and go through each individual part. Cosmetics are the most appealing to the eye, but are not fundamental to driving. The engine and bakes are obviously the most important. Therefore, the first task I chose to undertake was the brakes, since the engine was running. Continue reading

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Don’t Ignore Brake Materials

Until recently, I drove a 1997 Ford Escort, Old Rusty. At the tail end of winter, the car’s blower motor gave out, rendering the heater and defroster features inoperable. Each morning of the week following the motor’s demise, I would find myself trying to scrape a thick layer of frost off of the inside of my windshield, the concave nature of which was not even mildly hospitable to scraping. When the mechanic at the garage told me that it would cost $600 to fix the blower, I asked him to perform a general inspection of the car. I wanted to know if it was worth putting that kind of money into that kind of car if there was any chance that some other costly problem would present itself. He found that the sub-frame was rusted into oblivion (which is how the moisture was accumulating in the car’s interior and collecting on the windshield), a wheel bearing was loose (which meant the wheel could fly off as I drove somewhere) and that the engine was leaking oil from an undetermined location. Time for a new car. Continue reading

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