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UK Water Companies Search for More Efficient Flowmeters

With the United Kingdom still in a drought, efficient water piping with minimal leakage is crucial. After a long period of using only turbine type flow meters, water industries in the UK are reevaluating what to use for large commercial revenue and district metering. This is a large chunk of water companies’ income. Battery powered ultrasonic and electromagnetic flowmeters are stepping up to the challenge the former turbine flow meter monopoly Continue reading

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Controlling the Fluids in Aerospace Crafts

Precision is a necessity in many industrial settings, and the aerospace industry is no exception. In fact, because of the many factors an aircraft going into space must deal with, knowing exactly how all the elements of the aircraft work together, including the fluids that run it, is even more vital. Control flow meters, which are also known as simply flow meters, play a large role in helping to monitor and control the way these fluids combine, and ensuring the exact balance is always achieved. Continue reading

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Can You Afford to Ignore Vacuum Monitoring?

Plant managers are constantly under pressure to come up with new ways to implement lean manufacturing. In these times of unpredictable economic conditions and continually rising energy costs, the need for continuous process improvement is guaranteed. One area often overlooked that can significantly reduce energy consumption is the monitoring of flow from your vacuum pumps used in pick and place applications. Concerning your existing vacuum pump application, there is one question you will need to ask yourself: Has the vacuum pump been sized accordingly to the existing application? Continue reading

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The Many Shades of Flow Meters

The measurement and management of the flow of gas and liquid through a system requires a tool that is safe, effective and long-lasting, particularly when the industry within which it functions is dealing with a toxic substance. Although even with a safe substance, like water pipes, a poorly managed system could burst and flood and do a lot of damage to a company and its workers. This is why flow meters are on the market and working within liquid and gas systems everywhere. The varied industry market and high demand is also why there are so many styles and models, or shades if you will, of flow meters around. Continue reading

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The Zero Maintenance Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Whether a buyer is looking into purchasing an electromagnetic flowmeter for residential use or in an industrial setting such as a wastewater treatment facility, they will be pleased to hear that electromagnetic flowmeters, as well as most other flow meters on the market today, require zero maintenance. This is an astonishing and exciting thing because of where these flow meters are located, within water or other liquid systems that are often difficult to reach. The time consuming process of maintaining an electromagnetic flowmeter is significant, particularly in our society where time is money and money is precious. Continue reading

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Compressed Air Energy Savings: Thermal Mass Flowmeters Find Wasted Cash

In this era of rising energy costs and global competitiveness, compressed air waste in facilities can be a major financial drain to the bottom line. Air may be free, but compressed air certainly isn’t. According to Cary Carlisle, an expert compressed air auditor and seasoned technician from Air Compressor Supply, Inc. (ACS), over a 10-year period, electricity costs make up 76 percent of a factory’s operating costs… Continue reading

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