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Alignment and Installation

Shaft couplings are extremely invaluable in protecting machinery from stress, wear, and thus, untimely failure. This is because they often significantly lengthen the working life of the parts they connect. In precision applications, flexible couplings are compensating for three axes of shaft misalignment, while accurately transmitting velocity, position, and torque. Because of their important role, it is crucial that they are selected carefully and installed properly. Continue reading

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The Third Shaft

When I was a child, one of my favorite television shows to watch was School House Rock. On this delightfully musical and educational show was a song called “Three is a Magic Number”, and this is a statement I have always found stands true, even when it comes to the industrial world. For example, the third shaft, which is also sometimes known as the flexible gear coupling or gear coupling, is so vital to the proper running of a machine or vehicle it can be considered magical. Continue reading

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The Building Block Products of Renewable Energies

With all of the hype involving oil and its related issues, both environmentally and economically, a focus on renewable energies has developed and continues to be a focal point for many industrial arenas. A variety of products are being developed specifically for renewable energy efforts, and some that are already in existence are simply being newly applied, like the shaft coupler. These shaft couplings are used to help transfer power from the source to what it is moving, easing the stress on the two shafts that connect the two. A shaft coupler is a necessity for many industrial machines and vehicles, and is now also being utilized within the context of renewable energy. Continue reading

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Flexible Shaft Couplings: The Fluid Version

Flexible shaft couplings are designed to secure rotary equipment to its stationary counterparts while removing some of the stress from the mechanical parts and correcting misalignment when it happens. Fluid couplings are a certain type of shaft coupling that is particularly special because it is a flexible shaft coupling that is a hydrodynamic device, which can not be claimed by any other coupling model. Hydrodynamic means that fluid couplings utilize liquids, usually oil to translate the movement of one part into power for another, while also maintaining some of the classic coupling responsibilities like connection. Continue reading

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Bellows With A Twist – Electrodeposited nickel bellows couplings flex to fit misaligned shafts yet remain torsionally stiff.

What do a micron-precision silicon wafer cutter, a surgical microscope focusing mechanism, and a target sighting system for an MIA2 Abrams tank all have in common? Each contains an electrodeposited nickel bellows coupling. Such couplings excel in instrumentation and fractional-horsepower applications but are occasionally overlooked because they tend to cost more than other types. Couplings are typically rated by their torque capacity, rotational inertia, resistance to the elements, service life, windup and backlash levels, and flexibility. By all these measures, electrodeposited bellows couplings compare favorably to competitive designs. Continue reading

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