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Hi-Reliability Products: Environmental Test and Solutions

Hi-Reliability Products provides environmental test chambers for quality assurance testing of products in temperature, humidity and vibration extremes, and factory trained repair service. Hi-Reliability Products experienced sales engineers work closely with clients to support product sales and application assistance. We provide solutions for world class manufacturers in environmental test and measurement in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina to a wide range of industries. We have over 25 years of experience in specializing in the service and repair of all types of environmental chambers, environmental test equipment and industrial ovens. Continue reading

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Walk-In Chambers: The Largest Test Chambers

Because of the wide variety of different experiments and tests that are conducted in environmental test chambers, the variety of available chambers must be equally varied. Tests of pharmaceutical products’ resistance to humidity or high temperatures must be conducted in small chambers, tests of an engine’s performance in very low temperatures must be conduced in a medium-sized chamber and tests on the performance of very large equipment must be performed in chambers that are large enough to accommodate them. If a chamber is large enough to accommodate the free movement a person, either to prepare objects within the chamber or to be subject to tests within the chamber, that chamber is often referred to as a walk-in chamber. Continue reading

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Get the Experience You Need with Hastest Solutions, Inc

Hastest Solutions, Inc comes from San Jose, California and is one of the top notch suppliers when it comes to environmental test chambers. We have built our reputation on providing test chambers with a high level of reliability, quality, sophistication, and operational safety that is unmatched in the industry. Since we have been in business, we have aimed to provide our customers with unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities that are absolutely one of a kind. As an award winning manufacturer, our objective is to serve a variety of industries with a high level of precision products that help make revolutionary environmental test chambers. Continue reading

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Russells Technical Products: Premium Environmental Test Chambers

Russells Technical Products has extensive knowledge of environmental test chambers with over 40 years of experience. Russells Technical Products offers a wide range of configurations of environmental test chambers including walk-in/drive-in, reach-in, portable and more. Our chambers provide a variety of testing services such as humidity, temperature, altitude, vibration, freezing and thermal shock. Our friendly engineers at Russells Technical Products are available to assist customers with determining the best testing chambers based on the application and budget. Continue reading

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Environmental Testing for the Best Product Possible

With your company’s reputation on the line, especially in this unstable economy, the functionality and reliability of your products need to be rock-solid. Whether you’re refining existing products or developing new, you can’t waste valuable time on the wrong product testing procedure. Beyond simply meeting the standards for your industry, you want to stand out from the competitors by offering superior performance for the long run. Proper environmental testing is key during research and development; you want the confidence of going to market with documented proof that your product is the best it can be. After all, consumers will love the great warranties you will be able to offer, and why leave the door open for costly, time-consuming recalls? Continue reading

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