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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Magnetic Shield Corporation

Since 1941, the Magnetic Shield Corporation has centered our company on a commitment to continuous improvement of our people, products and processes in the worldwide EMI shielding market. Through these constant principles the company is able to meet and achieve every applicable requirement and satisfy all customer expectations. Although we began with mica mining and processing, the company was able to grow and develop our shielding division. We quickly made it into such a dominant position that we decided to plan our entire business around it and become leaders in the industry. Continue reading

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EMI Shielding Tools

It’s no secret to professionals who work in electrical engineering or other disciplines in which the development and use of sensitive electronic devices is important that EMI is an important consideration. In some cases, professionals who work in these industries aren’t necessarily experts on the subject of EMI, and it can be helpful for them to have resources at their disposal that shore up their ability to make products that aren’t affected in negative ways by EMI. This is where EMI shielding distributors, suppliers and manufacturers come in. Continue reading

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EMI Shields: Modern Armor

It’s not a mistake to think of EMI shields as analogies to the hand-held shields used in combat centuries ago. While the nature of the threats they counter could not be more different, the means by which they provide protection are identical. Think, for example, of the kind of waves of arrows you’ve seen in movies about the middle ages. That wave of arrows has the potential to do some serious damage to any person or thing in its path. It follows, though, that the same civilizations that came up with arrows came up with a way to counter that threat. Continue reading

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Spira Manufacturing Corporation: Excellence Since 1978

Since 1978 Spira Manufacturing Corporation has been producing EMI Shielding at a competitive rate to meet compliance with RoHS and DFAR requirements. As a veteran owned small business; with Spira you can count on receiving the same high quality EMI shielding products that you can from major competitors but with the personalized touches that you will only find with a small business. Through our on-time delivery, superior customer service and our advanced technical support Spira has made a big name for ourselves when it comes to the EMI shielding industry. Our well trained engineers and technicians that we employ have over thirty years of manufacturing experience in order to better serve you! Continue reading

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Flexible EMI Shielding

Electromagnetic shielding is important to protect delicate mechanical equipment from electromagnetic radiation. Many machines and industrial tools generate electromagnetic radiation that can damage the operation of other equipment. Computer equipment is at the highest risk for electromagnetic damage, but other machines that use automated and electrical circuits can also be damaged with exposure to too much electromagnetic radiation. Continue reading

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