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American Crane & Equipment Corp.: National Leader in Cranes

American Crane & Equipment Corporation is a leading manufacturer of cranes, hoists and other material handling equipment, as well as components and parts for standard, custom and nuclear applications. Our three plants feature a 226,000 square-foot combined capacity of manufacturing space and 150-ton lifting capacity. American Crane & Equipment Corporation has one of the largest floor type horizontal boring mills in the Northeastern United States along with an onsite 200-ton load testing tower. Continue reading

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Handle Any Project with ACE World Companies, Inc

From Fort Worth, Texas comes ACE World Companies, Inc, the premier leaders in overhead cranes and electric hoists. Since 1987, we have been supplying the industry with American-made, custom designed material handling solutions. ACE World Companies’ calling card is that we can handle a variety of projects quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, we are known for our commitment to innovation throughout the industry. We are internationally diverse, expanding outside of the United States into other parts of North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our company is dedicated to making sure that our customers are getting high quality products at a premium price. Continue reading

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Leveraging Loads with Lifting Cranes

Isn’t the job of every crane to lift loads? So, every crane can be considered a “lifting” crane. Cranes lift, raise, lower, move, pick up, put down, carry, transport, position, handle—all these words. From a small, deck-mounted lifting crane that raises and lowers the motorized propeller on powerboats to the largest tower crane that lifts steel beams and other construction materials, lifting cranes are incorporated into a wide range of industries for easy, controlled handling of materials that’s not possible with other machinery. Either operated by a hand crank winch, fuel, hydraulic or electric power, there’s an overhead lifting solution for every application, utilizing the simple ideas behind levers and pulleys and the ratio of load to effort principle. Continue reading

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